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WHMCS + Kayako - Search Integration


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This integrates search results (with proper linking) from Kayako within WHMCS similar to the Knowledgebase integration.


This will REPLACE your default WHMCS search as it does not work with the Kayako integration.


NOTE: This optionally returns search results from the Troubleshooter integration located here: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=10115 but will otherwise only function with the default Kayako integration.





- Kayako 3.20.02 STABLE owned version (for source code modifications).

- Admin access to Kayako.

- General knowledge on how to edit php files on a server.









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Thanks for the integration script. I only have a small issue; when I go to modules/core/client_search, there is only 10 lines of code. I have pasted it here, any idea what has changed? I installed 3.20.02. Everything else is correct.


Without the module change, the search function finds the related articles but if you click on the article it does not take you to the article - in our case, it is a 404 error.


I found a solution to the issue however. In the template of Kayako:


$searchitem[querytype] == "knowledgebase"}><{$baseurlkb}>_m=knowledgebase&_a=view<{elseif $searchitem[querytype] ==


I changed it to this (added - knowledgebase?):


$searchitem[querytype] == "knowledgebase"}><{$baseurlkb}>knowledgebase?_m=knowledgebase&_a=view<{elseif $searchitem[querytype] ==


Here is the client_search.php:


<?php @Zend;


/* //www.zend.com/products/zend_engine">Zend Engine</a>.</p></body></html>








Thank you again,



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You do not have an "owned" license of Kayako, so their files are encoded.


You have to have an "owned" license to view the source code and be able to modify it. I have heard that Kayako will give you an un-encrypted version if you ask their support and state the reason.


That should resolve the issue!

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The search integration has been updated to work with WHMCS v3.7.2 and Kayako SupportSuite 3.30.02 Stable Owned.


The previous version (for WHMCS 3.6 and Kayako SupportSuite 3.20.02) has been archived here: Link


The new version is located at the original download link here: Link



-- WHMCS v3.7.2

-- Kayako SupportSuite v3.30.02 STABLE Owned

-- Admin access to Kayako




You *MAY* be able to obtain unencoded Kayako files directly from Kayako if you do not have an owned license. You must contact Kayako directly for these files.





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Updated version of the search integration for Kayako + WHMCS.




  • WHMCS v3.8.1
  • Kayako Support Suite v3.30.02 STABLE Owned
    • This is required for code modification, if you do not have an owned license Kayako *MAY* provide you with the source version of the file if you request it directly.




  • Updated to work with WHMCS 3.8.1


Original download URL now links to new version: Here

Old download (compatible with WHMCS 3.7.x & Kayako Support Suite v3.30.02 Owned) now available: Here

Old download (compatible with WHMCS 3.6.x & Kayako Support Suite v3.20.02 Owned) now available: Here

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