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Client's changing cpanel password in client area?


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Test it out yourself!


Vinbase... no need for that! He is just asking for a little help. Maybe not everyone is as fantastically brilliant as yourself :P


If you go into the hosting package for the client, you can change the cpanel password there (which will update on the server). Simply changing your users client area login details will NOT update cpanel.


What you might also think of implementing is to disallow the chaning of passwords from within cPanel itself so that the whmcs password and the cPanel password will always by in sync. (remember if a customer changes their password from within cPanel, it does NOT update the password held in the whmcs area).


Hope this helps.



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I am aware of that Carl and that is what I was thinking about doing but first I want to make sure that the users can change their password by logging into the client area and changing their cpanel password from there, this is what I am asking.

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i tested changing cPanel password for one of my test site in its client area.


1. the cpanel had a robust strong password..

2. then i changed it to a simple stupid password.

3. the password change failed... was the message.

4. could log on from client area by clicking "login to cpanel button"

but could not login when i went via http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/

5. then i reverted back to old strong password...:?

6. it changed sincerely and i could log on from client area by clicking "login to cpanel" and also directly to http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/


can anybody explain me this.. this is important for my clients..

as the automatic password set by cpanel is too lengthy to remember :-P



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I am able to replicate spiderman's (hehe) issue as well.


A user logins into the client area, and attempts to change their CPanel password. It says "Password Changed Failed" but displays the new password (even when refreshing it shows the new one) however the password for CPanel is still the old password (even though the client area shows otherwise).


I had to do this for a client the other day, only way for the password to chaproduct/services page using the "change password" button - Same Error).


Anyone have any ideas one what the issue is?

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Well there are a number of variables when it comes to cpanel passwords, cpanel will not accept a dictionary password, nor one that is similar to the username or domain name. Additionally there is a password program that you can find under the 'security center' link in WHM that allows you to set a minimum bit strength for a certain password and if the password by the client is below this bit strength or is any of the other variables mentioned above the password change will result in failure.

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neobug - I assure you that none of what you mentioned is the case (with me anyways). All of the passwords I'm testing with are acceptable via WHM (since I have to manually go to WHM to update the password).


This is an issue with WHMCS. I might need to open a ticket, as this is now becoming and issue for new clients as well.

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