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Update button on shopping cart goes stright to payment


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Hi. When I am at the shopping cart and enter all my info for order (address etc) and click Update button to add tax to amount, I go straight to paymnet.


However, if I didn't complete field requirements (like address etc), I get the usuall errors (You did not enter your first name etc.) and the tax gets entered properly.


I think that it should not go staight to payment because customer would expect to see the update and have option to choose payment method and add contact if they want.


Is WHMCS supposed to do this when update clicked?

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Thanks Matt for your response - great product, by the way!


Well, my thought with this is this. I fill out all of the address requirements. When I see the Update button, I know that this update button is associated with the tax, because that is how I preceive the sentence before the update button. I click that update button to see if I need to pay tax or not. There is a choice below to select what payment method I want and a button to complete the order. When I click the update button, I do not yet expect to complete the order at that time, but it is clear to me that the order will only be completed when I click the Complete Order button.


So.... when I clicked the update button and was then sent to the next step without having a chance to choose the payment method, I was confused. I figured it out, but I just want the checkout process to be without any confusion for the customer.


Is it possible to have the update button not proceed to the next step but have the following logic:


    Customer clicks update.


    If there is tax added then message says something like "Based on your location, sales tax has been added to your order."


    If no tax added then message says something like "Based on your location, sales tax will not be added to your order".


This message could appear under the Update button. Then customer has the chance to add another contact and/or choose their payment method and then click to complete the order.


Thanks, and I hope you don't mind my suggestion and asking if this is possible?

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