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Auto Generate TLD Pricing Table Excel Spreadsheet


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I created an excel spreadsheet to automatically generate an SQL insert query for populating the "Domain Pricing" section of WHMCS mainly because I thought it was a bit tedious to create many domains from scratch.


Anyways, it's very crude as I’m not that good with Excel, but it works.


Some information wasn't readily available so i "guessed", those items are marked in orange. The rest of the info is gathered from both Enom and DirectI from my reseller accounts.


Instructions are included.


The gist is you update your cost pricing for the included domains, what markup you want (for retail cost), term and interval of registration, if transfers are supported and it will generate a SQL query to insert all of that information into your database.


Please note, it does not configure everything for you (although it could with continued development).


It specifically doesn't populate the registrar as, this assumes a fresh install of WHMCS (no importing) and with that, the manual importation of domains (as per http://v3manual.whmcs.com/?id=108). I did this mainly out of safety, the order will error out, you accept it and once you are complete update the registrars and everything's peachy.


So, enough of that, a partial screenshot of an example population can be found here: http://www.c-nielsen.com/downloads/WHMCS---TLD-Domain-Pricing.png (forum attachment was too small to show relevant details).


The sheet can be found here: http://www.c-nielsen.com/downloads/WHMCS%20-%20TLD%20Pricing%20SQL%20Insert%20Creator.xls


Right now there's 77 TLD's entered with the above configurability.


The sheet contains contact information for suggestions, corrections and bug reporting.





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I am trying to use this solution, but it appears that 2 rows are out of order for 3.6.1.


The rows Renewal and Transfer need to be reversed. I would do it myself, but the spreadsheet is password protected.


What is happening is that the Transfer row value is being placed in the Renewal row. Can we get an updated file or a password to the excel file?

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Oh, here is the issue I am having.


The renewal amount on many of the domains is set to -1.00 and I cannot figure out why it is doing this. What am I doing incorrectly.


What is the "sale" field for? I see that when I add values to it, the fields after it change from 1 to 2 or vice versa...

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