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I have been trying to make a template for whmcs that "at least" looks like my web site.

However, im not getting close to having this done...

Does anyone have any good tips on how to edit or write a template that would be willing to share some experience with me/us?

I would apreciate this very much.

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All you need is basic html knowledge to edit the smarty template files. You might want to stick with just editing the header.tpl and footer.tpl file as well. If you get to frustrated with it, hire Matt to do it or someone off these boards. Search these forums and I am sure you will find a lot of your questions are already answered, if not post a thread about a specific issue or submit a trouble ticket. Just stating that you dont know what your doing makes it a little tough to help. Unfortunately I do not have any time today to teach someone html.


Here is one tip if you use a wysiwg: Go to the source code of a new blank page, then remove all code. Open up header.tpl and paste the source of it to the new page i asked you to open before. Then at the bottom of that code, add: MIDDLE CONTENT WOULD APPEAR HERE.


Then below that, add the contents from footer.tpl. You are now ready to start editing your master layouts for whmcs. Do the refer process to get your changes back into the individual templates.


I myself dont do it this way, but it might help you. :P

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I just started customizing mine about 30 minutes ago. I use Joomla. So I figured pulling the header out altogether was a good idea. I was pleased to find that it was so easy to do.


I simply commented out lines 10 - 12


<!-- <tr>

<td id="mainheader">



</tr> -->


in the default CSS, and BAM! No header and the fortunatly the colors are subdued and easy to match with about any design. Minor edits to both CSS's . The task is almost done!


NICE JOB WHMCS!!! If you have any clues about having JOOMLA logins integrate that would be awesome. I'll be working on it myself until an answer beats me to the finish. I want to integrate JOOMLA-SMF bridge or even Joomlaboard would be nice. I would be a real dream to get a Vbull integration though!

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