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Double Emails


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Hi All,


Not sure if anyone else is having this issue/Had this issue and resolved it or if I have something toggled wrong. But...


I know that 3.6 is out and I haven't actually downloaded it as of yet. However one of my clients brought something to my attention and not sure where the problem is coming from and would like to get this issue resolved before moving forward to 3.6 to avoid more trouble maybe.


Anyways, he said to me that when he gets an email from the hosting site he gets them in duplicate. Both have different invoice numbers and one shows that there is a 0 balance and the other shows he owes xx.xx. For example as he forwarded both emails to me. Here is the info;


Email #1:

Invoice #2522

Amount Due: $17.85 USD

Due Date: 02/23/2008



Email #2:

Invoice #2523

Amount Due: $0.00 USD

Due Date: 02/23/2008


Now I have checked all 3 of my hosting sites and noticed that ALL my customers are all receiving double emails and also I am receiving double emails from my cron jobs.


What/Where do I need to go to stop this As in Email #2 above that can cause me to lose a good bit of money.

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No as I am the only one handling that. When I went into his information and clicked on the "Invoice" tab, the one invoice 2523 that was showing a 0.00 balance isn't even listed in his Invoices sent. But in the "Emails" section it is showing the invoice was sent same time as the 2522 Invoice.


Ron S.

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Have you migrated servers recently and maybe left a WHMCS install up and running on the old server? Or do you see two records for the same domain in the tblhosting table of the DB? Open a ticket if you want me to take a look.



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