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How can I credit an account?


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I have read several of the posts concerning the problems with Prepayments and Credits. Here is my thoughts.


When a credit is setup, an email should be sent 'automatically' to the client to inform them that they have had a credit applied to their account. Why? If a client sends a Prepayment, how would they know that their account has been 'credited' with the payment? They wouldn't. You have to manually notify them.


Also, if an invoice is generated and there are credits that have not been applied, it should 'automatically' apply the credits. Why? If I have to explain why, then I'm talking to a brick wall. If a client has a credit and an invoice is generated, do you not think that the client would prefer that any outstanding credit is used up before he is billed for any remaining balances? This is just 'common sense' and if he was alive, Ben Franklin would agree.


So I have had to send my client an email to explain this.




I noticed that the WHMCompleteSolution system sent out a notice of invoice paid with a $0.00 amount. It is strange how they handle prepayments and credits as their support forums have an extensive discussion that has been going on for months. The problem seems to be that some of the developers are in different countries, each with different procedures for prepayment/credit/discount notifications.


Rest assured, I have entered the full $180.00 as a credit and have applied $30 each to Jan and Feb so you are paid up with a balance of $120.00 in credit that I will apply over the next 4 invoices through June. It is disappointing that the system does not automatically apply the credit and reflect the full invoice amount, the amount of the credit applied and the net balance due on the invoice. So each month, you will get an invoice for the $30 which you can use for your records and then you'll get a payment notification for $0.00. This just tells you I have applied the credit.


WHMComplete is a very nice system and works pretty good but there are some aspects that need work.

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The client got an invoice payment confirmation email so clearly the invoice was marked paid and if that wasn't by a payment then it was because the credit was automatically applied.


When the credit is added to the users account, there is a transaction that adds that credit. If the credit then showed on the invoice as a payment when applied, that is then double counting as the same amount of money has now been involved in two transactions. There are merge fields for the credit applied to an invoice and the clients remaining credit balance that can be used in the email templates.


While I agree that it would probably be a lot clearer if the email template called it the Balance where it shows the zero value, there is nothing wrong with the way it works.



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