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Affiliate commission question



A product can have a one time setup fee and montly recurring fee. Is it possible to give the affiliate 100% of the setup fee and 10% of the montly ongoing fee.


Is it possible to credit the account of a non affiliate if the referer is an existing customer.



This is for a non hosting service.



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Further to my original question.


With regards to resellers of my products from my website:

a. does the ordering API support a reseller code? For example when a client accounts is created, their orders and commission is associated with the reseller.

b. can we generate reports of what the reseller is due each month.

c. Can we set trigger points of when a reseller is paid? For example set a rule where a reseller will be paid when then collective commission reaches $500.

d. Can we support affiliate plugins?

e. record payments to resellers.

f. does clientexec distinguish between resellers and affiliates? Do they mean the same thing? What I'm trying to achieve is track how an order went from my website to clientexec. If point (a) is yes, then it's some how the responsiblity of website.


Are these even considered features?

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Ok.. I'm really tired and did not fully grasp all of what you are asking, but here are a few answers:


You can either pay an affiliate a percentage, or a flat fee not both. The payment can be reoccurring or one time. You can, however, use a default pay scale, or override the default on a per-product basis or even override based on the affiliate. You might be able to figure something out like making the setup charge a required add-on product, and thus being able to override the default pay scale. Matt might be able to custom mod that option for you as well.


You can credit any account at any given time. It's as simple as adding a credit. You can also turn any customer into an affiliate at any time with the click of a button. If a customer calls me up and says that they reffered Customer B, I can turn Customer A into an affiliate, and then go into customer B and tell the system that they were reffered by Customer A. thus giving Customer A credit for the sale. It's really alot easier than it sounds. 5 minutes after the system is installed you will see what I am saying.


Don't quote me on this, but I don't think that the system supports a reseller code. Matt would know for sure.


You can view/print any or all affiliates' balances and other info at any time you wish.


You can setup a "trigger-point" where an affiliate is paid only after their balance gets to a designated amount. You can also delay the payment. ie: not only does the commision have to reach $100 before payout, but the commission won't even be added to the account for 30 days, and only if the customer's account is in good standing (the invoice was paid).


I'm done talking... but before I go, I thought I should mention... I do not work for whmcs, nor do I have any affiliation other than being a customer of theirs. My answers are from my experience only, and should not be considered to be absolute. Matt would be able to answer more accurately exactly how the system acts in certain situations. Moreover, I would suggest downloading the demo, and trying before buying.


Also, Matt does custom modifications upon request, although he might charge. Anything is available... For a price... ;)

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