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Mannually invoice selected item not generating invoices


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I am trying to manually generate invoice by clicking `Invoice Selected Items`, however the WHMCS didn't generated any invoice, but the related service `nextinvoicedate` was added one cycle. I have read the docs about the billing logic, and investigated on MySQL tables, according to the billing logic it should generate a invoice, but not sure why didn't. Below are my step by step investigation. Appreciate if anyone can help.

  • Analyzes the Next Due Date of all Active and Suspended services. [true]
  • Determines whether the date is equal to or less than the number of days in the future, based on the Invoice Generation setting. [true]
    mysql> SELECT id, domainstatus, nextduedate, nextinvoicedate, NOW() AS Now FROM tblhosting WHERE id=1047 AND nextduedate < NOW();
    | id   | domainstatus | nextduedate | nextinvoicedate | Now                 |
    | 1047 | Suspended    | 2022-12-29  | 2023-01-29      | 2023-02-10 20:57:20 |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)


  • Ensures no invoice item exists for the service on the next due date. true

    mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) AS invoice_item_equal_next_due FROM tblinvoiceitems WHERE relid=1047 AND duedate=(SELECT nextduedate FROM tblhosting WHERE id=1047);
    | invoice_item_equal_next_due |
    |                           0 |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)
  • Triggers the InvoiceCreation Action Hook point.
  • Triggers the InvoiceCreationPreEmail Action Hook point.
  • Sends the Invoice Created email to the client.
  • Triggers the InvoiceCreated Action Hook point.
  • Increments the Next Invoice Date of the service by one billing cycle.

When I click Invoice Selected Items, then 0 Invoices Created , but the service nextinvoicedate, was added a cycle which is 2023-03-01.



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