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Abuse Manager Pro v4.2


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Abuse Manager Pro (AMP) is a WHMCS addon (longest standing with regular updates & improvements since 2016!) that helps admins with the daily chores of abuse reports, and followups and turns their lives into a walk in the park for a low monthly fee of $5 or $50 per year, including upgrades for life!
This is THE module that you wish you knew about earlier! We really mean it!
Although many people use support tickets, that method requires a lot of work and many different strategies that results in defining an inefficient process for admins - that method can never be relied on. With AMP, everything is within the module, and there is no need to use multiple pages, external applications, or even other 3rd party solutions to manage or create abuse reports.
The system allows you to receive abuse reports from 3rd parties, either by emails (using a fetching technique by PHP_IMAP - great for automatically processing your abuse@domain.com address for example) or by enabling a public facing abuse reporting page. As well as that, you can create abuse reports of your own.
When an abuse report is submitted by 3rd parties (public facing page or via the email address that is to be fetched), it goes into a queue and awaits your moderation. This allows you to review the abuse report, and when you are satisfied, you can assign it to a customer. Queued abuse reports also show you which customer and service the abuse report could be linked to, depending on the available data in the report.
Admins can have conversations with clients, and vice versa - all in favour of reaching a solution and ultimately closing/resolving the abuse report.
Admins have the ability of creating an abuse report without suspending the service that relates to the abuse report, or suspend it immediately, or suspend it after a certain time limit passes. They also have the option to allow a customer to unsuspend themselves if required.
To understand the module better, please have a look at the screenshots, as well as the different feature sets for admins, registered users, and public guests.
Proud to be one of the longest standing WHMCS modules in this field. Started 7 years ago, with over 200 client requests/enhancements added into our releases.
AMP is ajax-ready, and no template modifications are required at all! Lagom Theme Support (BETA)!
Screenshots attached below 
Admin Features
  • Abuse Dashboard that shows you quick statistics, important information, reports requiring your action, and flagged customers
  • Admin Widget on WHMCS admin home page which shows abuse reports statistics and reports that require your action
  • Filter and sort records using a filter on top of open, closed, queued abuse reports pages to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Quick links to client's details and service from within reports and from open, closed, and queued report pages
  • Ability to create a new abuse report using ajax to quickly select a customer, their product, and IP address
  • Ability for the admin to set a custom IP address or use one of the IPs assigned to the service when creating a report
  • Ability to set the service in question to either suspend immediately, or suspend after a time limit (admin defined), or not suspend at all
  • Ability to allow the client to unsuspend their service on their own
  • Ability to send a reminder email to the client halfway through the suspension on time limit
  • Ability to override time limit suspension if client replies to abuse report
  • Ability to auto-assign imported abuse reports instead of queueing them for admin moderation
  • Ability to suspend auto-assigned imported abuse reports with either allowing the client to self unsuspend, or not
  • Ability to discard duplicate imported abuse reports (Imported emails will be checked for an IPv4 and will be discarded if that same IPv4 has been reported and has a queued report in the last 24 hours)
  • Ability to show an additional header (customizable) in the client area to grab the customer's attention when they have open abuse reports
  • Ability to view, edit, close, clone, reopen, and delete - open and closed abuse reports
  • Ability to view, and download attachments from open, closed and queued abuse reports
  • Ability to assign to client, and delete - queued abuse reports (from 3rd parties from Public Page & Mail Fetch)
  • Ability to see suggestions on which customer and service the queued abuse report might belong to
  • Ability to use the new magic import “use these values” button to use the suggested customer details & service the queued abuse report might belong to
  • Ability to see customer names highlighted in client groups colour (if customer is part of a group)
  • Ability to see details of abuse report from within an abuse report detailed view
  • Ability to start a conversation with the client from within open abuse reports
  • Ability to see a read-only abuse report, when an abuse report is closed
  • Ability to see the imported email body with attachments or abuse report from 3rd parties from within queued abuse reports
  • Ability to lock down client area if a customer has any open abuse reports (strict mode), or if a client has not replied to any open abuse reports (standard mode), or not to lock down the client area (irrespective if client responded to open abuse reports, or having open abuse reports)
  • Ability to set a maximum amount of open abuse reports before a customer is flagged on admin side
  • Ability to specify amount of time before a service is automatically suspended (only if report is set to suspend a service after a time limit) 
  • Ability to lift the automatic suspension, before the service is suspended from within an open abuse report
  • Ability to see if a customer has viewed the abuse report
  • Ability to use quick replies when creating abuse reports, or when replying in conversations
  • Ability to create a FraudRecord report from within an open abuse report
  • Ability to view, edit, and save admin notes on every abuse report
  • Ability to see customer sticky notes from within open and closed abuse reports
  • Ability to copy to clipboard the original reports submitted
  • Ability to create as many different abuse categories as you see fit
  • Ability to rename links in WHMCS navbar
  • Ability to download a PDF report of open, or closed abuse reports
  • Ability to reroute/disable/modify admin notifications (new WHMCS notifications system)
  • Ability to search for abuse reports using WHMCS's native intelligent search (Intellisearch)
  • Admin notifications on 3rd party queued abuse reports
  • Multiple staff can work on the same abuse report
  • Custom email templates which are sent to staff, which can also be edited and include respective merge fields
Client Features
  • Resolution Center link in top navigation bar (automatically shown, if enabled), which shows a customer all their abuse reports - open and closed, with the ability to view both
  • Ability to see 'last reply by' & 'service' columns in the abuse reports overview page
  • Report details show vital information to the customer, including the service in question, the IP, date of incident, the category of the abuse report, as well as the abuse report it self.
  • Ability to view a read-only abuse report if an abuse report is set as closed
  • Ability to start a conversation with staff from within open abuse reports
  • Ability to self unsuspend a service (if enabled for a customer on abuse report creation or assigning)
  • Integrated with WHMCS's native client area notifications system (if client has any open abuse reports)
  • Ability to view, and download attachments
  • Lagom Theme Support (BETA)
Public Features
  • Report Abuse link in top navigation bar (automatically shown, if enabled), which is a public facing abuse reporting page, which allows 3rd parties to send you abuse reports by filling in a form
  • reCaptcha Support to avoid spam
Feel like a feature is missing? Check out our roadmap! If it isn't there, we'd be more than happy to add it!

















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v4.3 has been released

New Features:

  • Added new admin charts in the abuse overview page (abuse reports in the last 15 days, abuse reports breakdown by category, and abuse reports breakdown by status)
  • Admin can now see how many times in total a service has had abuse reports (detailed abuse report view)
  • Added a comma separated configurable option to remove values from imported emails (e.g. to remove vendor names from reports)
  • Added a comma separated configurable option to replace values in imported emails (e.g. to replace vendor names with your own company name)


  • Enhanced the admin abuse report detailed view and conversations/replies
  • Revamp of the UI/UX in the client area
  • Updated English language english.php translation file
  • Lagom theme support


  • Fixed a bug with abuse reports chart
  • Fixed a bug with Lagom theme line wrapping
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v4.4 has been released today 

New Features & Enhancements:

  • Added a new configurable option to import only the first email, and discard replies from being imported and queued
  • Added a new configurable option exclude certain client groups from the auto suspension from the auto import feature
  • Added a new unsuspend button in the abuse report detailed view (visible when the service the abuse report is related to is suspended)
  • Added a new file preview method, to allow admins to preview attachments instead of having to download them locally
  • Enhanced client unsuspend data row on the abuse report detailed view
  • Enhanced IMAP connection logging in module logs


  • Fixed a bug with client dropdown (selectize library)
  • Fixed a bug with html content email import that prevented clients from replying to abuse reports
  • Fixed a bug with downloading a PDF report on chrome
  • Fixed a bug with file inclusions that affected specific SaaS provider environments
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