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how to route all outgoing to spamexperts

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hi i followed the ff. instructions to route outgoing email to spamexperts:

To Configure Spam Experts Outgoing Filter, Login to your account and click "Services" then find Outgoing Email Filtering  Service and click on active button, or the row not the domain name. Once the page loads, click on "Login to SpamExperts Control Panel".
Spam Experts outgoing filter service can be configured using two methods;

    Outbound SMTP Server (Basic Mathod)
    This method uses Spam Experts as your outbound SMTP server and will require that you configure user authentication on Spam Experts dashboard. Webmail will not show sent items in this case, because all outbound Emails were not sent through the cPanel server.
        The first thing you will need to do, is to create an outgoing user.
        Click "Manage users" under the Outgoing section.
        Locate the "Add a user" section.
        Select the "Authenticating User" tab.
        Enter the desired username/email prefix and password and click "Add" to create the account
        Configuring your Email Client
            Mail Hostname: smtp.antispamcloud.com
            Mail Username: the full email address you created above
            Mail Password: the password you specified above
            Outgoing Port Number: 587 (Supports STARTTLS)
    Smart Host Setup (Advanced Method)
    This is the recommended method. It Re-routes all outgoing traffic through the system and Webmail can see all the sent Emails normally.
        You need to add your dedicated IP address to SpamExperts control panel.
        Click "Manage users" under the Outgoing section.
        Locate the "Add a user" section.
        Select the "Authenticating IP  or range" tab.
        Enter the desired dedicated IP and click "Add". If you do not have a dedicated IP, you may purchase one from within your account for any active web hosting service.
        Create a technical support ticket and request support to activate Smart Host Setup for your desired domain name.

when i use the outbound smtp server basic method, it works ok, although I do get the error 'your message was sent but a copy was not placed in your sent folder (sent) due to network or file access errors. You can retry or save the message locally to local folders'

I also see the outgoing logs on the spamexperts dashboard.


HOWEVER When I try the 'smart host setup (advanced method)', i notice no changes whatsoever. No logs appear on the dashboard and i am not assured it is working.


any insight appreciated


Screenshot 2022-03-08 090247.jpg

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