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Convert imported cPanel product renewal into order for affiliate association

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I imported all of my customers via the cPanel import into WHMCS. I also have an affiliate to which I want to associate all their clients' products, in order for the affiliate to earn automatic recurring commissions on their clients' products.

I got the "AffiliateTools" WHMCS addon from Utixo, for a more robust affiliate system. Now a couple of my affiliate's clients have paid for their hosting product. The problem is that the affiliate didn't automatically receive a commission on the products. I think this is because the imported products are not actually labeled as orders in the WHMCS system.

Is there a way that I can convert the imported products into actual orders in WHMCS, so that I can then associate those orders to the affiliate?

I've also asked the support department of the "AffiliateTools" WHMCS addon from Utixo about this as well.

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I can confirm this is the case, for services that are not related to an existing parent order WHMCS provides no UI or API tools for assigning them to an affiliate.

Ideally there should be a way to assign orphan services to new specifically created orders, and those orders could then be assigned to an affiliate, following the intended WHMCS flow.
However, WHMCS has no tools for manually assigning services to orders either, nor an API method for creating a new order with existing services.
As a last resort it could be solved by editing the DB directly and linking those services to an existing order from the same client, by setting the orderid field in the tblhosting table, keep in mind though that doing so will potentially create inconsistencies in the DB.


As a sidenote, despite not providing tools for it, WHMCS could potentially assign services to affiliates regardless of them having a parent order entity: the DB structure for WHMCS relies on Service IDs in the tblaffiliatesaccounts table rather than Order IDs, but the UI and general workflow rely on orders, making for a confusing management for both developers and admins.

We are considering forcing this orphan service => affiliate relation in our AffiliateTools module, but ideally we would like to see some improvements on WHMCS's data structure for the affiliate system first, defining a clearer workflow and reducing risk of inconsistent behaviour.


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