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Adwords Tracking Code.. ??

Neil Hennigan

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Hey All;


Wondering if there is anyone out there who doesn't have much for static pages on their site, like us, who has been able to successfully integrate Google's conversion code, and how?


The only way I can think of to do it now is to add a static page between landing and checkout, but another page during the checkout process won't make for happy customers. Ideally, I'd like to be able to get it into step 3 of the order process, but that's seems impossible.


But I do need to find a way to get this in somewhere so that our conversion rate is documented.. Google has recently hit us with quality issues that shouldn't exist; making our previous "Great!" quality adds "Poor"... cutting our traffic down to about 15% of what it was and tripling our minimum bids... it's killing our bottom line.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





OOPS - I did search the forum, but guess I didn't use the right terms. Now finding other posts which I'll check out. Don't yell at me for not running a search before posting! LOL

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OK, no, after checking those few threads I've found nothing relevant/that works.


I am aware of the checkout script option, but that is not an option for Google Adwords conversion, unless I've done something terribly wrong (I'm sure that I haven't). Not only would we really not want it on that page (but could live with it), but it quite simply doesn't seem to function. Just blocks out checkout completely and gives us a white page.. no different than any other integration effort we've made.


The other issue with this is that there is an image/link that Google must be able to track back to see on that page at all times. This is an absolute requirement for proper use.


Any suggestions? I need this in immediately... it is truly destroying us.



Thanks, Neil

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