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So Hello Guys if you are facing this issue that your payment is done on your whmcs but still it shows order is pending , I have and complete and permanently solution , I give you a auto accept order hook ... So let's start it....

1. Step One :

Go to your whmcs directory in your cpanel where your whmcs is installed on , now go to includes/hooks , or public_html/includes/hooks

2. Step two :

create a file in your includes/hooks/ folder create a file names ' jetserver_AutoAcceptOrders.php '

3. Step three :

Edit the file you created and paste this below code on jetserver_AutoAcceptOrders.php file :

* Auto Accept Orders
* Created By Idan Ben-Ezra
* Copyrights @ Jetserver Web Hosting
* www.jetserver.net
* Hook version 1.0.1
if (!defined("WHMCS"))
    die("This file cannot be accessed directly");

 Auto Accept Orders Settings
function jetserverAutoAcceptOrders_settings()
    return array(
        'apiuser'        => 'whmcsadminusername', // one of the admins username
        'autosetup'         => true, // determines whether product provisioning is performed
        'sendregistrar'     => true, // determines whether domain automation is performed
        'sendemail'         => true, // sets if welcome emails for products and registration confirmation emails for domains should be sent 
        'ispaid'        => true, // set to true if you want to accept only paid orders
        'paymentmethod'        => array(), // set the payment method you want to accept automaticly (leave empty to use all payment methods) * example array('paytm','Paytm')

function jetserverAutoAcceptOrders_accept($vars) 
    $settings = jetserverAutoAcceptOrders_settings();

    $ispaid = true;

        $result = localAPI('getinvoice', array(
            'invoiceid'         => $vars['InvoiceID'],
        ), $settings['apiuser']);

        $ispaid = ($result['result'] == 'success' && $result['balance'] <= 0) ? true : false;

    if((!sizeof($settings['paymentmethod']) || sizeof($settings['paymentmethod']) && in_array($vars['PaymentMethod'], $settings['paymentmethod'])) && (!$settings['ispaid'] || $settings['ispaid'] && $ispaid))
        $result = localAPI('acceptorder', array(
            'orderid'         => $vars['OrderID'],
            'autosetup'         => $settings['autosetup'],
            'sendregistrar'     => $settings['sendregistrar'],
            'sendemail'         => $settings['sendemail'],
        ), $settings['apiuser']);

add_hook('AfterShoppingCartCheckout', 0, 'jetserverAutoAcceptOrders_accept');



Step 4

   'apiuser'        => 'whmcsadminusername', // one of the admins username

Replace whmcsadminusername to your admin username of your whmcs...


If any issue then comment please

Edited by WHMCS ChrisD
Added code into codebox

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