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Gricenko Mihail

Phpstorm + xdebug remote debugging experience

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Hello all. Who using this combination (xdebug module for php-fpm) to debug custom code inside WHMCS - addons \ modules \ hooks? I have a complex project which contains several modules developed by myself and by third party programmers (all modules with open sources). Using xdebug for development and debugging php applications is standard for me and i am use it where it's possible. But i have very strange experience of using xdebug with whmcs. It's seems to be because of whmcs encoded with ioncube. Each time when i try start debug session (by adding &XDEBUG_SESSION_START parameter to request, for example: /clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=402&XDEBUG_SESSION_START=10879) php-fpm process crashes and system message log says it's crashes inside xdebug.so module.

But it's not the all of information. I can catch breakpoints in the beginning of my hook files. I think it's working because this files included by WHMCS somewhere in the beginning and xdebug can pass to this points. But when process go deeper it's crashes like i say early.

After long time of researching of my environment i have realize that's i can combine some "magic" details such as php\ioncube\xdebug\whmcs versions and sometimes it's starts working. For example i try many combinations of php version + xdebug version + WHMCS 7.1.1 core and found combination when xdebug working well, not crashes.

But then i have update WHMCS core to version 7.6 and it's start crashes again... then i have update xdebug + ioncube to latest versions for this moment and it's start partially works (i can debug some pages, but some pages still cause crash of xdebug.so)


So my question, is anybody know stable configuration for debugging modules for WHMCS with xdebug?


Thanks for reading this, sorry for my english.

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When I need to xDebug ionCube files which quite frankly happens very rarely, I always get the same problem then usually rage comes and I quit trying 😀 Anyway take a look at the only comment you find on this link. I always reference to that comment when it comes to xDebug and ionCube. It helped me a few times lot of years ago.

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