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Invoice & Overdue Reminders show wrong number

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previously i use whmcs 7.2.3 and yes that is confirm there is a bug related to "Invoice & Overdue Reminders show wrong number" according to suport staff.

the issue is solved in whmcs 7.4.2 said him/her.. however after upgrade whmcs 7.4.2, the issue still present.

here i describe the issue more detail:

whmcs has menu called "automation status" and they send whmcs cron email every day to my email as well.

we notice about "Invoice & Overdue Reminders", in whmcs email cron said only count overdue reminders , meanwhile in "automation status" count both overdue and invoice reminder.

according to the log, the correct one is the data provided by "automation status".

here is the example:

from log said that number of overdue is: 5 and number of invoice reminders is: 7 (then the total invoice reminder and overdue  should be 12). 

in fact, from automation status menu said 12 and this is correct.. meanwhile from whmcs email cron said only 5 (which is only count overdue and ignore about invoice reminder).


i have open this case to their support via ticket and seems their support not read carefully what i explain.. about license,,,about evidence that the whmsc cron email originally from that server.. really disappointed with their support.. they are not an expert..and just reply message without common sense ( like a machine).. 


hope anybody can help and confirm this is still a bug from whmcs 7.4.2

if somebody from internal whmcs ask ticket number: here is the ticket id: #JYK-610253



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yes when doing upgrade from whmcs 7.2.3 to 7.4.2 , the cron script does not replace with new one.. 

then i replace manually with cron.php 7.4.2

but the email report from whmcs cron still showing wrong report.. they only count overdue.. and ignore invoice reminders..


any idea? 

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