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Error with Virtualmin Server module

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I've been trying to use the virtualmin server module that comes with WHMCS for a few weeks now. I tried all combinaisons of admin/root/hostname/ip/port until I finaly got the "log to control panel" button to work and connect to my virtualmin/webmin server correctly. Now with that working, I tough it would work out of the box with any product/service I create, following to the letter every words in that document : https://docs.whmcs.com/Virtualmin_Pro.

It did not work. Whenever I try to "run module create" with a virtualmin product. I get this error :  A website cannot be enabled without an administration user. 

When I use the external virtualmin api call url  for virtual server creation directly in my browser and with the same parameters : 


It does work pretty well!


Now I searched and didn't find much. For all I know it might be a problem with virtualmin.php server module not using api correctly or something else.
Here's the query sent to my virtualmin server as it shows in WHMCS System Module Debug Log : 

    [program] => create-domain
    [domain] => testwhmcs1.test.com
    [user] => testwhmc
    [pass] => c93Y5mmMg9
    [email] => test@test.com
    [template] => Default Settings
    [plan] => Plan-1
    [features-from-plan] => 

I've looked everywhere and didn't find anything clear on what is causing the error. I am wondering if any of you have had the same problem and if someone had found a solution.

Thank you!

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