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Mass Mailing Problem


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OK. I've just imported all my AWBS customers into WHMCS, everything was looking funky and I had a nice email all formatted and spell checked ready to go out so everyone knew of the changes.


Loaded up the mailing list, added the subject and body and sent it off.


All the emails got sent but that's where the fun stopped :(


For reasons known only to itself, WHMCS sent a blank email and no subject to all of the customers!!!


I then spent the next hour fielding questions as to why they had received a blank email and was I a numpty!


What on earth went wrong? Why is there no facility to do a test email send to the admin email to make sure it works?

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I've had the same exact problem everytime I tried it. I reported it to Matt, only to be told he couldn't duplicate it. I've been meaning to troubleshoot it further to try and find a source so Matt will actually look into it harder, just haven't had the time.

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Weird thing is that it stores the outgoing email under the customers account but without the subject or body.


This was an HTML email if that makes a difference? There was also no option to save the email and send later.


If there was an option to do a test send then that would help enormously...

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My plan was to troubleshoot by setting up a dummy server with a single dummy account on it, with my email address, and send just to one address, to see if I could duplicate it with a single recipient to simplify it and show Matt how easy it is to duplicate. I just have been slammed and haven't beena able to get to it. Maybe you have some time to narrow it down for Matt? Yes, I'm asking you to do my work for me :)

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I've just finally set aside some time to start troubleshooting the mass email problem. My first test was to send a mass html email to the small customer base of a second hosting service we're working on starting, rather than to our primary service with about 2000 active customers. (I hate to bother that many people with test emails).


I upgraded to 3.4.1 before sending the test message, and had not problems with the message being delivered properly.


So, now I'm wondering if the problem has been fixed with 3.4.1, or the size of the recipient list being so much smaller could be the problem.


My question for you or anyone else experiencing this problem is: Has it cleared up for you with 3.4.1? I don't really want to send to our large list, only to find the problem is still there because it has to do with the size of the recipient list.

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I think it must be some kind of problem relating to the content. The size of list shouldn't make any difference apart from making it take longer to send them all but the content is the only variable. Not sure exactly what in that could or would break it though - not something I've been able to reproduce still.



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The same thing happened to me few weeks ago, but using my old system, phpCOIN. The message sent was blank. I thought it was a problem with the server, but it turned out that only that one message had this problem. So it probably has to do with maybe some kind of word filter on the server. Could it be the same problem here?? (I haven't tested mass mail yet, just my 2 cents).

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