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Next Due Date being ignored


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The script insists on invoicing one client on the wrong date with the wrong due date, and the only thing I can do is manually correct each invoice every month, AFTER it has been sent to the client.


Here are my current key settings:



Prorata Billing = Yes

Prodata Date = 1

Charge Next Month = 21



Invoice Generation = 7 days before due date

CLIENT PROFILE > Products & Services

First Payment Amount = $24.52

Recurring Amount $20.00

Billing Cycle = Monthly

Next Due Date = 01/12/2007


INVOICE (Auto Generated - wrong)

Invoice Date = 18/11/2007

Due Date = 25/11/2007

Description = Business Plan (25/11/2007 - 22/12/2007)


INVOICE (Should be)

Invoice Date = 24/11/2007

Due Date = 01/12/2007

Description = Business Plan (01/12/2007 - 31/12/2007)


Has anyone found a way to fix this?



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Yes I was suffering from this problem also. A work-around I was given by Matt:


UPDATE tblhosting SET nextinvoicedate=nextduedate;

UPDATE tblhostingaddons SET nextinvoicedate=nextduedate;


This set's the invoice generation date for accounts with product/service and addons to the nextdue date you set.


Make sure to go through your customer list and set all 'Next Due Dates' appropriately to what you want and then run the SQL script to make sure all nextinvoicedate's sync up to the nextduedate you set.


Then your invoices should generate at the right date you want them to.


Before I had this solution our invoices were a real mess, half would generate in the middle of month, the other at the end, sometimes addons for the same account would generate at a different date than the product/service.


This tidied it up for us big time. Hope it helps you.

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