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Force a credit card payment on order


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Hi There,


I'm having a bit of trouble with the payment process. Specifically, I want users to be forced to make an immediate credit card payment when they go through the order process (assuming of course that they've selected credit card as their payment method). Currently when they get to the end of the process they are not prompted for any credit card details and no payment is taken - the system just issues an invoice, and it's up to the user to them open that invoice and make the payment. If they don't then the payment is attempted when the cron next runs, but if it's a new user it will fail because there are no CC details...


I may be going mad, but I'm sure that the system used to do this - I've spend quite a bit of time working on other aspects of the system, and am just now coming back to look at the order process.


Does the cart run like this for everyone else of have I changes a setting somewhere else while I've been doing other things?





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(replying knowing this will be moved to the feature request)


I think this is just how WHMCS works. I myself don't like the logic either. I'm firm on "no payment - no order". It helps deal with all the clutter as well. That is, of course, if you get a decent amount of orders.


Auto remove after X amount of days is a little bit better, but I still have a handful of support tickets in this scenario:


"I was going to order a few weeks ago, but I didn't finish the order. Now that I'm ready, it tells me my email is already being used. If I login with my previous information, it shows I have a past due amount"


I noticed many like to go through the whole order process just to get a total and return later on. However, the due date and invoice date should match the payment date and not order date.

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