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Although your site is pleasing to the eye with harmonious colors, and the domain name is search-worthy, it is lacking in some important areas. I have outlined the key points below:


Provide more content!

I'll bet that when someone clicks on your SEO link they're a bit disappointed to end up at a contact page. People hate filling in forms, and they're liable to go elsewhere to get answers rather than have to contact you in order to get the information that should be included in your web pages. Additionally, clicking on some of the hosting package buttons on the home page, the user is taken directly to the order page (it would be smart to provide a matrix of all plans on an intermediate page).


Lacks a means of central navigation.

Give your potential customers the freedom to browse at will and then return to your site's home page without having to use their "back" button. A master menu that appears on all pages would be preferable.


Make your site SEO and text-reader friendly.

Your site's home page is almost devoid of text, which is a shame for those using text readers, and a double shame for search ranking purposes. Replace some of that image-based text with the real thing.


Provide a portfolio of your design work.

The animated GIF is too small and it moves too quickly for people to get an appreciation of your work. They shouldn't have to fill in a contact form to get at your portfolio. It should already be on the site.


Your client pages should be on a secure connection.

I strongly suggest getting your own IP and a recognized SSL cert in order to protect your customer's privacy. It's not just about credit cards--even names and contact info should be protected.


I hope these points make sense and help you to improve things a bit. As it is, I'd say 2.5 out of 5 marks (though I voted 3 since that was closest score available). With a little work it can be a nice site, and you already have the best billing and support script.



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Especially uberhost, well done.


In answer to your comments:


1. All the SEO content is being written and will be there soon, along with a central navigation bar over the nine buttons to link it all in.

2. There is a matrix page comparing the plans at best-selling-web-hosting.com/our-web-hosting-packages.html

This is obtainable from the whmcs control panel at best-selling-web-hosting.com/billing/order.php

I was going to link it in from the home page buttons, but thought lets be greedy with the call to action - a lot of visitors, especially pay per click ones just want to see the price and what it does very simply, and get ordering. It is finding the right balance so will probably test the two! Thanks.

3. The site nav and the extra content I have mentioned. Hopefully the visitors don't need a back.

4. SEO wise, I'm pretty good at sites at top 3 in google. This one is mainly featuring in PPC initially, but will be getting SEOed properly and content written as when?

5. The animated portfolio needs improving. I need a few more of the 180 sites I manage in my permanent job. Like I said, I need to spend time improving it bit by bit, but when you are trying to get it making money ASAP, the design of the whole site and its call to action/functionality have to come first. I don't think I have done bad in my evenings for 1 1/2 weeks, alongside best-selling-hotels.com as well. Give me a chance. There is a bit to come yet in my Microsoft Project......

6. The SSL is a good comment and something I hadn't yet considered. Thanks.


All the best



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my feeling when i see the first page is; "where am i? why am i here?". you should be more clear on what your business is about, you have very little time to gain interest from visitors.


i think you should make it easier to navigate and understand what you are selling.


group your products better on the first page and decide what your main call to action is. now it's just confusing and the first page feels like a wall of text. also you dont have enough information on your products. you can't expect people to make a purchase without getting to know the products and company first.


also, if you are claiming you are the best/leader in something you should surely back that up with facts.


not trying to put you down, just give you a friendly smack in the right direction. :)

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I have given the homepage a complete once over and taken note of many points listed here - thanks for your help! In my rushing, I was leaving rather a lot out of the text.


Just need to get better, and faster at writing these sales texts - I could do with a cheap but very pro content writer! (Couldn't we all).


Ciao 4 now

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I have to agree with JMF. The home page is way to busy and as soon as the page loaded my eyes were darting all over the place trying to figure out what was what.


Possibly adding another colour into the page, so instead of the 2 shades of blue, adding a colour which stands out. Also maybe reducing the amount of information, but still letting people know exactly what you are.

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