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Addon for previous invoice created as separate invoice


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I had this bug once before and thought it was resolved. I will try to recreate my steps as close as possible.


What is happening is that I manually create an order for a product that has an Addon with an amount of $50 and a Billing Cycle set to 'One Time'. I chose NOT to generate the invoice. I then checked everything and it looked OK. I accepted the order. Then I manually used the Generate Invoices button. Invoice was generated and sent to client which contained the product first month prorated price and the $50 addon one time fee.


The next morning when my cron runs to generate invoices it generated another invoice for the Addon (only $50). Did I do something wrong here?


I don't know why under any circumstance an invoice should be generated again for a line item that was in another invoice already.



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I read your thread. Though I'm not quite sure how it's date related. Can you explain why you think it's date related at your post?


In either case... I didn't modify any date except the products pro rata date so it lines up with existing due dates. Not sure how this could affect it though.


One thing I DO notice is that the due date and next invoice date are the same and are the day that you create the order.

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The invoicing of a one time addon twice has been identified and corrected as a bug a few days ago. The issue was that once a one time invoice was created, the next due date is set to 0 but then an invoice is created for that date on the next run. Only occured when continuous invoice generation is enabled so wasn't caught sooner.



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