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Feature check before migration


I am an existing Client Exec user and am considering a move but I'm not sure if these features exist in WHCMS or not so wanted some feedback from the community if possible.


Some of the main challenges I want to address and improve:


1. Completely automated purchasing process. I want a customer to click into an ordering screen and search & buy domains from my wholesaler - TPP Wholesale. Then add a hosting package, pay using credit card and have full access.

Where CE is ok:

- You can search, add and register a domain using TPP Wholesale


- You can order a hosting account and link the 2


- It can accept payment via Paypal & Stripe (CC) OR manual payment


Where CE falls short: (and I want to overcome)

- It only checks the domain availability, it's not a domain search - it offers no alternatives or no alternate tld availability - just returns "domain unavailable"


- You can only add one domain to an order - you can't search and add multiple domains to one order (unless you start again and add a 2nd hosting package)


- You can't specify different packages for different customer groups - e.g. all normal customers simply purchase standard hosting packages BUT I want a business partner to be able to order packages with a different configuration (and I don't want those packages available to the general public) - effectively, access wholesale pricing


- When a customer places an order and pays using credit card, all orders go into a pending status and require manual interaction - a new customer placed an order on saturday afternoon and without access to Client Exec, I was unable to manually process the order and therefore the customer could not access the account he had already paid for for 4+ hours - If a customer pays, I expect them to have immediate access


- When a new customer creates and account and places an order, CE auto-generates a password for the hosting account BUT I have my Cpanel password strength set to 80 and CE fails every time to generate a password that is strong enough, (even if the customer creates a strong password, CE doesn't use this) - Therefore every time a new package is purchased, I have to change the password before activating the CPanel account


- Account unsuspension - When a suspended customer pays an account and I go in and mark the invoice paid, I expect that the account will re-activate BUT, i have been found out by this numerous times - you not only have to mark the invoice as paid but you also have to make the package "active" again AND "Unsuspend" the account - when I mark a suspended account invoice as paid, I expect it to become active again.




Other "nice to have" features

1. ability to manage basic settings in CPanel from hosting console


- Managing email accounts & quotas

- Viewing disk space usage

- Viewing bandwidth usage

- Managing FTP accounts


2. Different invoice types for different products


So to summarise, I guess what I'm assuming is that WHCMS is very similar to CE and can do most of what CE can do but what I want confirmation on is:


1. Ability to search domains, get recommendations and add multiple domains and tld's to the cart


2. Ability to assign wholesale pricing and make certain customers wholesalers


3. Immediate account activation on purchase


4. Simplified processing.

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