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Cody Salter

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I think some custom icons would make a nice difference on the /billing/index.php page. You should consider using one of these themes, perhaps:




Another thing that would improve the look of the site is to convert your graphics from a white background to transparent. Here's an example of your checkmark converted to a .png with transparency:


BEFORE: checkmark.gif


AFTER: checkmarkrp4.png


Your "Order Now" buttons would also look much smoother this way IMO.


Other than that, very nice, I like the rounded boxes and overall look. Hope I've been constructive, and nice integration.

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Good luck with those hugh icons for the client area :P

Yup, those are some big icons. shifty5b15djp3.gif


YukonMaster: If you don't have Photoshop or Gimp, you may want to download IrfanView http://www.irfanview.com (freeware) and resize those icons.


I made my icons 32x32 so I could do a three-column tableless layout on the support page (http://uberhost.net/index.php), but anything up to 64x64 would look great.

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You client area and support ticket icons look like they've been resized beyond their actual size. I can see some jagged edges throughout. There's also a bit of the shadow missing from the bottom of the client area icon.


Not sure if they really look good with icons that large. It's easier to tell that the icons are all from a different set/artist, because they don't all have the same patterns, lines.. Namely the two most obvious being submit ticket, and knowledgebase.


There are some color/coding issues throughout the site, though uberhost gave you some advice on how to fix one of those.


But in your hosting package table, your content header (tr/th) font color is too dark for the background it's on. I can't read what it is without highlighting it with my mouse.


It also doesn't flow properly with the rest of your WHMCS section. All of that has a white background with rounded corners, and looks nice... The other backgrouns have no background. Perhaps you got a div wrong, or didn't add that to your CSS?


Either way for the pages that are using the dark background for your content, reuse that white rounded corner background from WHMCS. It will look a lot better and more uniform.

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