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Wanted: Custom Xero module development

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Hi all,


I would like a custom module built to sync our data from WHMCS to our Xero book-keeping account using their API. I am aware of the module already available ( http://www.whmcs.com/appstore/106/Xero-Module.html ) which we have tried but have found doesn't quite do what we need it to do. Much of the features we require are the same as this module with a few key changes.


The successful applicant should have experience of writing custom WHMCS modules and ideally some experience with Xero and/or basic UK book-keeping (including VAT and MOSS).


Feel free to reply or PM with any questions or to provide a price estimate.


The required spec for this module is as follows:





  • Sync of all contacts and profile information from WHMCS to Xero
  • If any details are changed in WHMCS these changes will sync to Xero on next run





  • Sync all invoices from WHMCS to Xero and attach to correct client
  • Categorise the invoice items into product groups configured in Xero to match WHMCS product groups
  • Ability to set invoice date or paid date from which to start the sync from
  • Compatible with UK VAT and EU MOSS whereby invoice has correct VAT rate assigned based on client details/location.
  • If an invoice is cancelled in WHMCS it is voided in Xero (assuming no payment made)
  • If an invoice is edited in WHMCS the changes will be sent to Xero





  • Syncs payments from WHMCS to Xero and attaches to correct invoice
  • Will map the payment methods to Xero bank accounts to credit correct account with each payment





  • Will sync refunds from WHMCS and add credit to invoice in Xero using correct payment method (debiting from correct Xero bank account) - maybe via a separate cron to grab paid invoices recently changed to refunded to account for these in Xero?





  • Ability to run sync on separate cron script outside of WHMCS cron (multiple times per day)
  • Some degree of logging for troubleshooting
  • We have tens of thousands of invoices and transactions per year so attention will need to be paid to run time and resource usage (e.g. not syncing items already done on each run, etc)
  • If a transaction to be sync'd is on an invoice not present in Xero it will be skipped and attention moved onto the next transaction rather than script execution killed - this is important and why we cannot use the existing Xero module.
  • This module is for our use only so no major attention is required for config options via WHMCS UI - it would be nice though :)
  • Unencoded scripts allowing us to update it if procedures or API's change in the future.

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