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add domain to existing account


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Is it possible to add a domain that is already registered with us to an existing client.


The only way i can see to do this now is to use the transfer option but this tries to transfer the domain from us to us. I just want to be able to add domains to customers accounts without billing them or using the transfer option.


Is there a better way ?


Also if I used the awbs import tool and imported all the domains, would it add the correct domains to existing whmcs customers. for example if there was a customer in whmcs with the email me@yahoo and the same customer in awbs, would it merge the domains or create a duplicate client.



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Placing a transfer order doesn't submit a transfer to the registrar. And to not bill them, just tick the "Don't Generate Invoice" tick box at the top of the order page.


The AWBS Import would create duplicate clients - not merge. All the importers should only be run on empty databases or imported invoices get merged with existing invoices and cause problems.



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It has been submitting the transfers for me, I have deleted the emails now but i got emails saying the transfer failed because domain is locked or not 60 days old at the current registrar.


Would be cool if the domains could be just added without going through the order process, I know this is not a big deal in normal use, but importing from whmap is hard work. most of the domains have not imported (this is why i need to add them) this is a prob with whmap not whmcs.


All domain prices import as £9.99 don't even know were that figure came from.

all invoice have double the amount.


hosting order £20

then something like description unknown £20

total £40

when the invoice should only be £20


plus the invoices only say 'hosting service' so you have no idea what the invoice is for, this is fine if the customer only has 1 account but if they have 20-30 finding what the invoice is for is hard work.


The double invoices can be fixed with a quick sql command to remove the additional item from all the invoices and the same goes for the domain prices with something like:


UPDATE tbldomains SET firstpaymentamount=7.99 WHERE firstpaymentamount =9.99


It also imports account that have been dead for years (again a whmap problem not whmcs)

these can be removed in phpmyadmin by finding the accounts that have a creation date of 00000


I also wanted to import awbs, but i guess i can't as the db is not empty.


Other than that I am getting there and whmcs seems to be working very well. The biggest difference i see between whmap and whmcs is the speed, whmap is so damn slow when checking invoices.

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