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Customize viewcart.tpl problems


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Hi everyone,

I'm new on this forum and this is my first time using WHMCS.


I'm building a full responsive customized theme for the framework and I'm getting trouble with the checkout process.


I have created my own order form and I put it as default (actually I have backuped "modern" and replaced it), after reading tons of times the documentation, I have destroyed the HTML structure (as you know full of unresponsive tables) and re create it preserving IDs and Classes I also used my CSS code and everything works fine except the checkout form. If i submit it via Jquery the page is simply reloaded without the error messages on the fields or any other feedback and if I press on the submit button it change value but nothing happens.


I contacted support, searched in this forum and googled looking for something detailed about how this specific form works, but I haven't found anything useful.


I have proved to remove my version of jquery and reintroduce the default one, i tried to enable and disable custom JS but I'm start to think that's not a JS conflict problem because I'm not getting any error on the console and if I restore the original file this works fine.


I tried to figure out how that tpl page works but as you know the code not indented is quite hard to understand and html automized beautifiers have some problems with template code and at the end I could not deal with it.



Do you have any idea or hint? Please help me, I'm getting mad!


Ps. sorry for bad english

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I feel like a dumb I was missing an hidden input.

<input type="hidden" name="submit" value="true" />

I found out this comparing the POST data received.


Meanwhile the submit button still not work but i have made a jquery workaround so I'm fine.

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