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Toastr Notifications - Add notifications to your WHMCS website

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Hello users!


I am here to release a new module for you, Toastr Notifications! With this, you can send instant notifications to any specified user, admins, clients, or both.



  • Ability to send notifications instantly to any specified users (clients, admins, by id, or to all)
  • Extremely flexible event notifications - You choose when to send a notification, we'll make sure it's delivered (if they are online at least)
  • Includes 3 pre-made hooks - We created 3 custom hooks to help get you started (one includes new support ticket opened!)
  • Flexible notification popups - for a demo of toastr, visit: http://codeseven.github.io/toastr/demo.html (you can set all of these options!)
  • HTML friendly - Include HTML in your messages for enhanced notifications (buttons, links, etc).
  • Play a sound on a notification - Select one of the included sounds or use your own.
  • 99% Customizable (some static elements are included; toastr is not created by DubTech so additional notification options aren't available)
  • No limit to notifications sent* - Send as many as you'd like! (abusing/spamming may cause for license termination)
  • Everything is hosted on SSL connections, so if your site uses SSL then there won't be any unsecure content warnings. If it isn't, now you have a little bit of SSL on your site!
  • Any module developer can utilize this module if they would like (more details provided in the documents)
  • Long term service - With a lifetime WHMCS license, 5 year SSL certificate (for API server) and a low cost API server, you can say we're in it for the long haul.






What does this module do exactly?

With this module installed on your site, you will be given the ability to create any customized hooks you wish for WHMCS and send a notification to any user you wish on your website. This can range from a specific user (client or admin), to a group of users (client or admin), to the entire site (clients and admins). Notifications are sent by ID and are handled by our server. Everyone who is visiting your site is capable of receiving notifications, even visitors!


What is Toastr?

Toastr is a Javascript library for non-blocking notifications. Basically, if a notification is sent to a user, a small popup notification will be shown in the desired location on their screen.


How does it work?

Basically, the PHP code sends a request to our API server. When this is received, it is processed and validated to ensure that it is from a valid source and then proceeds to handle the event accordingly. Notifications are sent out only to desired users, so there won't be any worries that someone is reading a private notification through javascript modifications.


What is the point of this?

Although WHMCS does include email notifications in its system for different reasons, such as a new product being registered or a new ticket being opened, they do not provide instant notifications and can slow down response times. With this module however, letting your site sit in the background and hearing a notification sound when an event occurs calls to your attention immediately and allows you to address to the situation properly. Your business will appear to be quicker and more efficient, giving your clients a more satisfying experience.


Do we have to be a programmer to use this? Why not make a nice hook generator?

Short answer- no, but it is recommended to get the best out of it.

Our original plan was to create a settings page that would allow you to generate custom hooks OOP (object oriented programming) style, however we realized that the panel for this would be extremely complex in order to cover this, and even then it wouldn't be as advanced as programming it. On top of that, it would delay production for this greatly and could leave vulnerabilities for memory leaks or storage bloating. Our secondary option was to create predefined custom hooks that could be enabled and disabled, but even then it wouldn't be as precise as some users would want. We finally decided to leave it to the core code to keep it cleaner and less clunky on processing times. If you don't know how to program, contact us for a quote for custom hooks you may want.


I'm not sure if my business really needs this, it has enough staff -OR- we're always active and hardly ever need to be notified.

Whether you think you need this on your site or not is up to you, however even if your site is staff packed, or your staff is constantly buzzing around taking care of the business, it's always good to be kept up to speed on situations. Another good example for this could be to notify an admin of a new reply from a client for a ticket they are in the middle of answering. They will be able to see the updated information before sending their answer, in case something has changed.


This seems interesting, but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something I have to create.

Well you're in luck! The price of this module is currently very cheap (the highest price is only $4.00 a month)**. Although it can add up over time, a small investment can go a long way, especially if your profit increases from it. Also, please note that a lot of development is going into this module and the main portion of the price is towards server costs. We take care of the hard part but leave the customization to you.



If you have any other questions, feel free to post them below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. For customer support, use our support system instead as it is checked more often.



*Title and message length of notifications are both limited, the number of notifications sent isn't

**Price is subject to change at any given time. Please visit our site for an official price.

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