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Migrating to WHMCS




I was recently given a WHMCS key from a friend who has an extra key. My company is currently using HostBill and would like to migrate over to WHMCS. Where would I begin the process to redeem this key, as I cannot seem to create an account on WHMCS's main site?

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What type of license is it? Your friend isn't actually allowed to give you a license unless it is owned and you opt for the license transfer process which costs $20 one-time to transfer. Only owned licenses are eligible for transfer only, not leased.


To transfer the license, your friend needs to create a ticket with all your details. Once the invoice has been paid ($20 transfer), the license will be transferred.


I have quoted the relevant terms taken from the TOS page:

[License holders are not permitted to “borrow”, “lend” or “sell” licenses to any third parties except in the case of Owned License Transfers as detailed later on in the agreement. Any licenses found to be being used in this way will be revoked without recourse.


We allow Owned Licenses to be re-sold or transferred once per license key (fees apply). Owned license are not eligible for transfer until at least 3 months have passed from the date of purchase. Owned licenses obtained via a reseller are excluded from this policy and are not eligible for any re-sales or transfers.

Leased licenses cannot be re-sold or transferred under any circumstances.

Before any sale or transfer, please contact us to verify eligibility of your license key. Upon request of the transfer, we will issue an invoice for the license transfer fee (currently $20). Once paid, we will request from you the name, email address and details of the new owner for the license to be transferred to. All transfers are final and cannot be reversed.

Addons may be transferred between licenses within your own client account but not resold or transferred to other accounts.

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