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HotFix: CORE-8348 - Prevent Email Reopening rendering incorrectly in General Settings when enabled

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We have become aware of a functional issue in the maintenance release published on Wednesday, 25 Feb 2015, which affects the rendered state of the “Prevent Email Reopening” checkbox in General Settings.


To prevent email replies to tickets that are in a closed state, one can enable "Prevent Email Reopening" in Setup > General Settings > Support. Once the settings are saved they are written to the database. However, there is a display flaw which renders this particular setting as disabled, even when it is in-fact enabled. While the setting does get enabled and the system will behave correctly after that initial save, any subsequent saves to General Settings will need to manually ensure that this particular setting is selected (if desired).




Prior to saving any setting in Setup > General Settings, ensure the "Prevent Email Reopening" setting has the value you desire for the system.


Alternatively, we are releasing a hot-fix patch to address the display flaw. To apply the hot-fix, see below.


Applying the Hot-Fix


To apply the fix, download the zip file from the link below. Extract the contents, a single file named "configgeneral.php", and upload it the admin folder of your WHMCS installation. For a default installation of WHMCS this will be "/admin/", however as recommended in the Further Security Steps, this is a configurable location and may be different for your installation.




Note: This file is only valid if you are running Version 5.3.12.

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