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WHMCS V3.4.0 Released

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I am pleased to announce the release of WHMCS V3.4.0. This is the latest stable version of WHMCS and is now available for download from our client area.


As usual, we are offering our professional upgrade service for just $12.95 - this can be ordered at http://www.whmcs.com/upgradeservice.php


Release Details


Version: 3.4.0

Release Date: 9th October 2007

Type: File & Database Upgrade


New Modules


- Helm 4

- HyperVM

- 12Register

- CastControl (Enhancements)

- PayPal (Combined Module)

- PayPal Website Payments Pro (US)


New Features


- 4 Nameserver Support - You can now set up to 4 nameservers for nameservers & domains instead of the previous 2 limit

- Upcoming Domain Renewal Notices - Now WHMCS will send emails at configurable intervals prior to domain expiry, by default 60, 30, 15, 7 & 1 days before expiry

- Domain Renewals from the Client Area - clients can now choose to extend a domain at any time with a renewal order

- Domain Addons during the Order Process - You can now enable DNS Management, Email Forwarding & ID Protection addons per TLD

- Email Confirmation Messages for Domain Registration, transfer and renewal orders when processed

- UTF-8 Unicode Character Support for PDF Invoicing

- Proforma Invoicing/Sequential Numbering of Paid Invoices - Primarily for EU companies but available to all, it is now possible to enable proforma invoicing and then have WHMCS assign custom invoice numbers that are sequential only once invoices are paid for accounting purposes

- Support Ticket Reply In Progress - Now when viewing a ticket you get a notification message at the top of the page if another admin is already viewing and replying to the ticket

- Modular Addons System for the Admin Area - Now you can create your own modules and add functionality to the admin area

- IP Manager - List IPs & their use with search options - an example "Admin Addon Module"

- Coupon Codes in Order URLs - It's now possible to set a coupon code to be applied to an order via the direct order link

- Support Ticket Responses Report - A new report listing tickets replied to by each admin for each day of the month

- Clear Ticket Activity Log - Added the ability to run via Cleanup Operations to Reduce Database Size




- Valid XHTML & CSS Code in Default Templates

- Updated DirectAdmin module to support SSL Mode and to check account status before suspending/unsuspending to fix DA API bug with unsuspending suspended accounts

- Added support for Access Hash instead of password for cPanel automation

- Added Search by PayPal Subscription ID to search options

- Updated to cPanel module to handle new cPanel error responses and ACL's for reseller account creation

- Fixed bug with knowledgebase editing when magic quotes are disabled

- Updated cron to not terminate accounts that have overide suspension enabled

- Modified Captcha Verification Checks to be case insensitive

- Fixed bug with prorata items still being invoiced when admin adds a new order and selects to have no invoice sent

- Added link to product/service an addon is ordered for when viewing an addons only order in the admin area

- Fixed bug with welcome email being sent even if account creation fails when manually accepting new orders

- Updated Google Checkout Module to work on PHPSuExec Environments

- Fixed bug with incorrect security code resulting in client account still being added

- Modified upgrades so an upgrade can't be ordered unless the account is active

- Fixed bug with domain prices missing from the calendar view

- Added required agree to delete attribute for .it domains registered through the Enom module

- Updated ProtX module to send 000 when no CVV is present - new requirement

- Fixed bug with incorrect recurring price on order form for orders with addons when tax type is inclusive

- Fixed Registrant Name Error in Nominet module

- Added support to add additional accounts to Existing Clients in Plesk

- Fixed bug where configurable options upgrade order can proceed with no selections made

- Modified transfer orders to only allow the minimum period selection for that TLD

- Modified spam checks on imported support ticket emails to be case insensitive

- Added missing credit balance field to email templates merge fields list

- Fixed incompatability issue with the automated SSL switcher on IIS setups

- Added improved popup date selector to admin area and fixed YYYY/MM/DD format bug

- Nominet module updated to send unencrypted version of email if signing fails

- And many other minor bug fixes and improvements


Release Notes


The biggest changes by far are to the domain management features. ID Protection can now be offered with domains as an addon during the order process. The Enom, DirectI & Stargate modules support the automatic enabling of ID protect on domain registrations made by WHMCS when the addon is ordered. Addons can also be displayed in the order process for DNS Management & Email Forwarding. These features can currently only be managed in an automated way from the client area with the Enom module.


There have also been some big changes to the PayPal setup. The previously seperate PayPal Subscriptions & Invoices modules have been combined in V3.4 to offer invoicing for subscription payments. This not only makes tracking and maangement easier, but it also means credit can be used with them. Subscriptions will be created with the invoice total as the first payment amount and the recurring value of the product as the recurring amount. Addons and domains will then need paying with one time payments.


Articles will be added to the online manual over the next couple of days explaining how to use the new features so please refrain from submitting tickets asking how to do things until these have been added. I'll update this post with links to the relevant articles as soon as they're available.




Thank You.




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Configuring Helm 4



Configuring HyperVM



Configuring Cast Control



Domain Renewal Notices



Proforma/Sequential Invoice Numbering



Promotion Links



Admin Addon Modules


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