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WHMCS Handles Upgrade Discounts Incorrectly


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This is more about getting the word out and getting feedback on the way they currently do product upgrades. It doesn't seem right and I'm sure hundreds of people have been overcharged because they are using WHMCS's method of pricing, instead of correct math.


I'll try my best to explain.


- Let's say User 1, buys a 'Basic' Hosting account, for $5/month, but he does it for yearly, which would make his recurring bill $60/year. Let's also say he has a recurring 50% discount off his bill, making it $30/year now.


To make this easy...


- Let's say User 1 decides he wants to upgrade to the 'Medium' Hosting account now on day 1 of his brand new account, which is $10/month, yearly, making it $120/month.


WHMCS would take $120 (new amount) - $30 (what he currently paid) and he would owe $90 (I'm rounding to make this easy). This is correct so far.


Now, let's say we want to throw in the 50% discount he already had. Now, WHMCS does:


$120 (new amount) - $30 (what he currently paid) / 50% (discount) = $45 (What he would owe)


The correct way to do this is:


$120 (new amount) / 50% (discount) - $30 (what he currently paid) = $30 (What he would owe)


WHMCS takes the percentage and adds it at the end, instead of taking 50% off the recurring price of the account.


Does anyone feel WHMCS's way of doing this is correct? This seems extremely backwards and doesn't allow us to use the automatic Upgrade/Downgrade function of WHMCS.

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