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Using WHMCS with Heart Internet Reseller Account


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Hi Everyone,


This is my first post and I have had a search through the forums and read some posts regarding the Heart Internet Module but most of these seem to be regarding setup.


I currently use Heart Internet's HostPay with a modified template to blend it in with my websites Wordpress Front end. But am looking for something which I can fully integrate with my website and offer better flexibility for other products and services I offer outside of Heart Internet, and WHMCS looks to be the best alternative.


However looking at the documentation for the Heart Internet Module it does not detail if there is any integration for Heart Internet's VPS, Dedicated servers or other services such as SSL Certificates and Premium and Exchange Mailboxes. I have spoken to Heart Internet and they have said that their API supports these features as their own HostPay system uses the API as well, but they were unable to help with regards to what functionality the WHMCS module currently supports.


Does anyone have any experience with using this Module and how do they manage other services, I presume these could still be managed using WHMCS but with more manual work needed in the background for ordering and renewing services.


Also does anyone have any experience in integrating WHMCS with wordpress and would this module integrate ok as well. I believe there are a few plugins out there that maybe able to do this such as WHMCS Bridge Pro and WHMCS WP Integration.


Sorry for the long post, but any help would be appreciated as I need to decide whether to keep using HostPay or make the switch to WHMCS.




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Hi I use this module, It was working fine on WHMCS 5 but since upgrading to WHMCS 6 the domain registration part doesn't work, I have sent a ticket asking what is wrong.


The single sign on is working, however there are limitations, like if you want to show usage direct in the control panel. all it allows is a single click to log into hearts control panel. It did create the hosting account on the shared platform correctly last time I tried.


Account suspension work which was a major flaw in hostpay. This works a treat.

Once a client pays the account will be reactivated on the next cron task. (They should pay on time!) Also paypal subsriptions will activate so if they pay up before the deadline it is automatically taken care of.


What I do is once heart sends me an email around domain renewals I log in and set them to hold. That way if a client pays then the api would renew for you, other wise its not renewed with domain credits or your card!


Everything to do with dedicated,hybrid or VPS will have to be manged using manual activation.


I hope that helps.

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