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Email received to admins when ticket is opened

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The email received by the admins/support staff when a ticket is opened does not contain any information to identify who the customer is!


When a customer opens a ticket, currently we receive the following email:


A new support ticket has been opened.

Department: Technical Support

Subject: Sendmail/Qmail enquiry

Priority: Medium


<message ommitted>


<link to our whmcs admin>




So basically we have to login to WHMCS to see who the owner of the ticket is, I thought something like this would be in the email templates, however the email templates does not contain this email which is sent to the admins/support staff.

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No thats not what I mean.


Here I'll show you an example of an email the Admins and Support Staff receive when a customer opens a support ticket on our WHMCS installation.


From: Ozfrontiers [xxxxxx@ozfrontiers.com.au]

Subject: [Ticket ID: XXXXXX] New Support Ticket Opened


A new support ticket has been opened.

Department: Technical Support

Subject: Email Problems

Priority: Medium


Hi Support, please help me with my email....


You must login to the administration area to respond to this ticket.







Thats it, no customer name, no email address of the submitter. Now the only way for me to know which of our customers has lodged this ticket, I will need to login to WHMCS and view the support tickets list. I should be able to know who this customer is without having to login.


Something needs to be added under the Department, Subject, Priority section which tells you Customer: [CustomerName]

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