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How do I change a customer over to a new domain?

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A customer I host has just found out that his domain name is still with another company who are demanding he settles his account for services he cancelled a long time ago and won't let him transfer his domain out and he just wants to give up on that domain name and start afresh with a new one.


He currently has his Product/Service set up, website hosted and emails all working on domain A and we now need to ditch that completely and add a new domain B.


Normally I would just add an alias but seeing as domain A will soon expire and be lost we have to move everything over to the new domain.


What is the easiest way to proceed? I know I could set him up a new Product/Service using the new domain, setting it all up and then cancelling the old one but this would mean two accounts.



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Is the domain registered in your clients name? He/she could try creating a domain dispute and claim the domain directly - that is of course assuming this client has actually paid for it and is entitled to it.


Easiest way, change the domain name within WHM then change the domain in WHMCS and save the product. WHMCS uses the username for anything (suspensions etc) so if that stays the same, leave it the same. If you change the username change it in WHMCS.


At this stage emails going to domaina.com will bounce (there is no active account) and any email accounts will automatically become domainb.com - these emails will work. You can add domaina.com to the same hosting account and setup the email accounts again and then setup a forwarder to domainb.com's email addresses.

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Hi Alex,


thank you for your reply. This worked a treat.


For anyone else needing to do this:


I logged into WHM and went to Modify an Account > Domain Name > Primary Domain and changed the domain name there.


Just to note: As you said, email accounts had to be created on the new domain and then I copied the emails over from the old domain to the new domain using:




I now have a happy customer.


Thanks again.

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