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Really strange problem with WHMCS login


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Sorry for bad English and HELLO guys. I using 5.3.10 version whmcs


I really don't know what is about, but suddenly I can't login into whmcs. When I want to login with my administrator user and password - BLANK PAGE. I try with reinstall vps server and copying database or copying yesterday database and files, but NOTHING. I try with configuration.php $display_errors = true; and show this error in login: Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_verify() in .../panel/includes/classes/WHMCS/Security/Hash/Password.php on line 0


I checked few times Password.php files and nothing unusual...I copied with older and nothing... Of course, I immediately found logs, and nothing...


Before this problem spam-client register and order package, and change name

Address 1: 'dm' to 'AES_ENCRYPT(1,1), address1= (SELECT MIN(username) FROM tbladmins)'
Address 2: 'dm' to 'AES_ENCRYPT(1,1), address2= (SELECT MIN(password) FROM tbladmins)'
Postcode: '404404' to 'dm'
Default Payment Method: '' to '' 
Kako ste saznali za nas ?: 'Google' to ''
If you are unhappy with any of the changes, you need to login and revert them - this is the only record of the old details.
This change request was submitted from gator4165.hostgator.com (

But its nothing unusual, before 10-20 days, same spam-exploit, old -exploit. I concered because few days ago I'm turnoff disable_function in php (maybe he found way for exploit).


What to do ? Thanks a lot.

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