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Replace Header Text?

Neil Hennigan

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This has probably been discussed before, but I can't seem to find anything.


Our main Client Area homepage (/clients) has been customized to show entirely different content when logged in / logged out. Entirely unrecognizable as being the same page.


We'd like to also change the "Support" header text ONLY for when logged OUT with something image-based. So, for logged in, it would remain "Support", but for logged out it would be an image-based page title that matches the look of our site.


So far, everything to do with this page title/header seems to be very global to me and I've had no luck. Any thoughts?



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If I understand you correctly, you can do what you want by chaging the header.tpl in your template. Below is an example for changing a h1 to image, but you can apply the same method for anything.


{if $loggedin}


Hope that helps! :)

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Hi, thanks for this.


What you've shown I pretty much have already figured out (I think). The problem I'm having is with the page title..




<span class="heading">{$pagetitle}</span></p>


.. which is pretty "global" in that there's something that I am missing that would make the change page-specific as it must be. Default text logged in/image logged out - - for the homepage only.


The above bit from header.tpl seems to be what needs to change.. or at least it's my starting point.. this I've figured out. And I might even have come close to figuring it out all the way... but close doesn't quite do it. ;-)


If anyone knows, please let me know.


Thanks, Neil

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