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PayPal Subscriptions & Invoicing



We were looking at WHMCS to replace our MBv4 system several months ago (right around when v3 was initially released, I believe).


The one thing that really bothered us about WHMCS is the fact that invoices are not generated when clients start paying using PayPal Subscriptions.


1) If there isn't an outstanding invoice, how do we know if a client is Past Due?


2) If there isn't an outstanding invoice, how does WHMCS know to Suspend, and then eventually Cancel, the client's service?



We would like to get off of MBv4 (it doesn't support PHP v5). While MBv5 is an option, it seems to us that MBv5 may still not be ready for Production Use (and it's been out for quite some time), although there are apaprently many companies using it in Production today.

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V3.4 sends out invoices for subscriptions so that should solve your problem. But in answer to your question, they show on the admin homepage when they are past due and WHMCS knows to suspend based on the date they are due to pay so suspends as appropriate.



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Many thanks for the response, Matt. I've been reviewing the ticket we were going back and forth about in January (long time ago).


This is good news and I think eliminates the major issue with us moving to WHMCS. We'd need to develop a custom module (probably contract you to do it for us), but that is doable so it's not an issue.


Since you brought up v3.4, is there a list of what is expected to be in v3.4?


Also, for the migration from MBv4, if I recall correctly the import script won't import the user's billing passwords. Is this still the case? The passwords aren't encrypted (they are in plain text in the MBv4 database).


I only ask this because of something I read here on the forums: Will the importer import all of our data (including packages, prices, etc) and map them to the clients or will we need to create packages/pricing in WHMCS first, before importing?

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