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billing/ticketing and automated emails


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I'm pulling my hair out with setting up at this stage, and come here for your advice.


A rather long explanation of what I'm trying to do follows, sorry.


We offer a range of services, most of them tied up to physical locations (i.e. PC support for example).

Some of our clients are the management companies of big office buildings.


So for example, we could be looking after 2 computers/users at reception and 1 computer/user at "security" of, say, 1 Empire State Building. That building is managed by Acme Building Management


We also have other buildings managed by Acme, such as the MGMayer building, where we look after 4 users.


Our TECH guys are mostly interested in the users, and we have many more users than actual "billing" clients, so I'd originally thought of setting WHMCS as follows:


Client is the main contact on the physical site (MGM or Empire State), under which I setup a billing contact at ACME as well as the other users on each site


This doesn't work because I can't enter accountspayable@acme.com twice in the system. Darn.


So my next option would then be to setup the main account as Acme, with all the users on all the sites lumbered under just one header.



1) will accountspayable@acme.com therefore receive every single support ticket logged by users, since WHMCS doesn't allow this option to be turned off? This is a NO NO for me. the guy receiving that email doesn't care or want to receive copies of 20 tickets a day.

2) managing agents change! when Acme's contract with Empire State Building is sold to RogerRabbitManagement, the latter will take over the staff as well. I no longer have an easy way to swap those contacts to a new account (not to mention that the contracts with US will remain in place).


Am I screwed?

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