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Problem with Trial Installation





I have been working with a trial installation. So far everything looks really nice. I am however having a problem that I am hoping someone may be able to provide an answer to. This problem actually may have occured as a result of the way I set the installation up.


I originally installed the whmcs software onto my site in a directory with the default name (whmcs). I later decided that I wanted to rename the directory to /account_center. I did this by copying the directory to its new location and then modifying configuration settings. It quickly became clear that this was not such a good idea, as I was getting a number of broken links as well as an invalid license message.


I decided I would go ahead and remove the entire installation (with the exception of the database, as I had already set up some packages and what not that I did not want to lose). I then reinstalled a fresh version of the files into a newly created version of /account_center directory. I went through the installation process, wne thtrough all teh WHMCS configuration screens from the admin area, etc. The one remaining problem I seem to have is that I am getting "Internet Explorer is not able to display the webpage" messages similar to what yo would get if you didn't have a web connection when cliking on some of the links in the client portal (specifically Client Area, Affiliates, Submit Ticket, Support Tickets, and Order links). I do not receive any specifically number HTTP errors or PHP errors. The links seem to be OK in that the links point to locations where files exist. All file permissions have been unchanged with the exception of the files/directories that were specifically noted as needing to be changed in teh install instructions. The link to my client portal page is given below.




Has anyone seen this issue before? I dont mind reinstalling if I have to, but this didn't seem to work that well last time and I would certainly like to maintain all teh confgiguration information that I have entered if at all possible. All links did work correctly on the initial install to default whmcs directory.

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These are configured correctly as far as I can tell. This was actually the first thing I changed when I reinstalled the software. When clicking the links, the new URL is the correct URL for the location of the file. I would note however the when you view the HTML code output by the PHP script, the href values in the link tags do not contain the directory path, but only the script name. I haven't really familiarized myself with the code that much to know whether this is the default behavior when the directories have been into in the configuration screen.


I have treid to chmod the files permissions for the target scripts to 777 just to see if this was a permissions-related porblem and this didn't do the trick either.

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