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Setting up according to debit order system


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We've just completed our installation and setup of our store and have a couple of questions regarding the setup of invoicing. Here is a summary of our procedures:


Payment options:

- Our primary method of payment works with debit orders (so the fee's are deducted off the client's account via a 3rd party merchant on the 1st of each month). We get notified by the merchant around the 3rd - 5th of each month of any "failed" debits.

- Secondary to this clients make direct deposit's in our bank account.

- We do not have a direct payment option (credit card processing) yet.


New orders:

- All new clients get the registration month for free.

- Domain registration fees are added to the 1st debit order.

- All other addon services will be added to the 1st debit order, however the amounts should be added for both registration and next months service on the 1st debit order.

- The debit off the clients account is for the current month (so my invoice on the 1st of January would be for services for January)


Domain renewal:

- We want to send renewal notices (to provide the client to cancel their service) 60 days before the due/expire date.

- We want to add the domain renewal amount to the invoice in the current month of expiry except of the registration date was before the 7th of the month. This will provide us with the ability to not renew the domain should the debit order not go off.



- All cancellations require a 30 day cancellation period (so if I want to cancel my services the end of January, so cancelled completely on the 1st of February), I need to submit my cancellation in December.



1) Client applies on the 10th of January for domain ($1), hosting ($1) and a monthly addon ($1).

2) The first debit order on the 1st of February will be for $3 for the domain, hosting of February and the monthly fee for the addon for both January and February.

3) We would receive notification of the payment by the 7th and allocate payments within the system.

4) Should the payment not go off we will only terminate the services the following month (so 2 failed payments) but would like to send a payment reminder indicating that the current invoice will be added to the next debit order.

5) The client should be notified in November next year (1st of November) that their domain is up for renewal and that they have until the 30th of November to let us know if they want to cancel their service.

6) If no notification was received, the domain renewal fee should be added to the debit order invoice for January 2015 (as that is the month of registration).


Additional requirements and questions:

- If possible that no invoice is generated until the 25th of each month. So there should not be invoices generated through-out the month but all invoices should be generated on the 25th of the month and be payable by the 7th of the following month.

- For clients who do not use the debit order facility this should then provide them with the option to make a direct deposit by the 7th of each month.

- We do not want to auto terminate or suspend services and notices for late payment should not be fired by default but preferabbly by option (is there multiple templates for this else a client paying with debit orders and manual payments will see the same procedures but one will say the amount will be added to the next debit order which will not be applicable to direct payment users?)


Is the above possible and could you perhaps provide us with feedback as to how to set this up? We're not entirely "locked" down to the above procedures and would rather work around a tried and tested modal and fully utilise WHMCS as appose to trying to hack the system to make it work for us. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!


Thank you in advance!


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