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Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking


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Hi guys,


I'm not sure if this is a bug, so I thought I would put it out there and see if anyone else is having any issues before reporting it.


Our problem is with the Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking. In short; an audit we've performed shows that of all of the orders taken in October thus far, less than 50% of orders have appeared in GA eCommerce.


We're pretty comfortable that the tracking code is implemented correctly across our website and WHMCS; From our experience with GA, If it weren't implemented correctly (particularly in WHMCS), then we wouldn't being seeing anything show up in GA eCommerce at all.


I've checked landing page paths to purchase etc and the GA code appears - the question is whether the GA eCommerce code is being fired 100% of the time.


There's two issues we can potentially see:


1) We've performed a spot audit right to the middle of this year and it appears it has been a long standing issue with about 50% of orders (or more in some months) not being recorded in GA analytics.


2) It appears to have gotten worse of the last few days; we haven't seen any transactions recorded in the last few days. There were a few orders that have come in today and I'm just waiting for GA to update to see if any of those show up.



I'm having difficulty understanding why some orders show in GA, while others do not. We cant find any correlation to the product or type of products being ordered. Some of the transactions recorded are for products/services that are also not being recorded (e.g. Product 1 is recorded on the 1st Oct, while another purchase of Product 1 on the 5th Oct wasn't recorded). In these instances, its the same landing page and path to purchase.




- Has anyone else come up against this problem?


- Has anyone noticed a complete drop-off on GA eCommerce since applying the 5.2.9 update?


- Does anyone have any advice on where to start looking for this?


- Is there a way to debug WHMCS to see if it is sending across the GA eCommerce call at all?



Note: Everything else appears to be recording in Analytics correctly, from general activity, goals, adwords etc.





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Negative, issue still remains even on 5.3.x.


Of the transactions it does record, it's spot on (transaction id, revenue, tax, quantity).


There's no rhyme or reason to it either; It will record a transaction for a specific plan purchase, then the next time the same plan is purchased, it doesn't record it.


We've not had a great deal of time to look into it unfortunately.


Pretty keen to solve it. Are there any logs we should be looking in that would show the interaction between WHMCS and Google Analytics?

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It's not that it's only recording transactions which are paid in realtime via paypal/creditcard is it, and not showing the cheque/bank transfer ones?


Just setting this up on our WHMCS now, don't suppose you have a list of goal URL's you'd care to share? :)





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