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Creating CPanel sub account (subdomain) automatically using WHMCS


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Hi There,


We have a couple of questions but please bear with me for a moment.


We are new users of WHMCS with a slightly different use of the product. We will be selling and hosting a web application that we have developed. The web application will be sold to our customers as a subdomain of our main domain. eg: customer1.maindomain.com, customer2.maindomain.com etc. We would like to automate the process of creating a new customer, creating a subdomain of our main domain, creating web application files/database etc for that customer.


First problem we are facing...


We have created a product in WHMCS that uses the cPanel module and filled in the details as required. We believe the server is setup correctly to connect to WHM and don't receive any errors. The 'module create' process runs correct without errors but it is creating the subdomain in WHM as a domain with it's own cpanel account and the user files are located in their own public folder location on the server.


While we were fumbling our way around learning whmcs, the very first test product we used created a sub account in CPanel of our main account. EG: it created the subdomain in our existing CPanel account not WHM. It also created a subfolder in out main public folder. In the same way it would if I manually logged into cpanel and created a subdomain of our main domain. For some reason it doesn't work like this anymore. Unfortunately we have deleted this product and also terminated the 'subdomain' it had created.


Preferably we do not want or need our customers to have a cpanel account (or at very least no access) and would like the user files to be located as a subfolder of our main public folder. Can WHMCS 'create' the subdomain as a subdomain in cpanel and put a subfolder in our public folder.


Sorry if that is confusing. :)


Second problem we face...


After we have created a subdomain we would like to be able to automatically create the customers 'web application' so they can use it straight away. We are currently looking for ways to create/copy the user database/files etc and incorporate this into a 'module create' process but are running into a few problems. Any suggestion on how we could achieve this would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there have you had any luck with "reselling subdomains"

Im also interested


All i found was the following 2 options in WHM > Tweak Settings [Domains]

-Allow users to park subdomains of the server’s hostname. [default is Off]

-Allow resellers to create accounts with subdomains of the server’s hostname. [default is Off]


Ive changed both and then tried to create a new account in WHM

It creates the account with public_html, cPanel etc AND DNS entry but when try view the site I get a "Oops! Google Chrome could not find xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx"


Hoping you might have had a better result as i would also like to look at being able to resell subdomain space to people who want it


I cant see why it is not possible, other than purely a slight reduced income for other hosting resellers.

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