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How to test my new payment plugin


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Hi All,


I need to create a payment plugin and am not sure how to go about this. I have read the development kit and seen what i need to do. My main issue is how do i test the plugin? I cannot create the plugin blindly and hope it will work when am done.


Am new to WHCMS, anyone with an idea how i can test the plugin as i work on it? Do i need to do it online? Should i open a 'dummy account'? If yes, how will i access my files to edit them when i get an error? or is there a sandbox version that can install on my localhost to test it? How do i proceed?


Your assistance is highly valued.




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depending on the plugin i can also create it for you ?? safe you a lot of trouble ^^


or to answer your question


1) you need to test it live , how else are you going get a callback ( atleast online )

2) use a dev version , or use your live version

3) ofcourse with a test account .... and preffered on a dev version , no clue how else you going test it ?

4) when does callbacks works on a sandbox ( localhost ) version ??


basicly all your questions are answered with the first answer

so the answer in short


callback = remote

test = online ( else no callback -> always fail )


then i guess you can also answer the other question you are wondering about

how will i access my files to edit them when i get an error?

if not then i am affraid that you will not even succeed in creating a module ( i wonder if you write your script on paper and put it in a scanner to get it working or that you use notepad instead ? )

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