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Affiliate earned amount before tax


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I just learned that when affiliate earns amount from sales, this percentage is calculated from complete amount with tax. I think this is not fair as tax is not our earned money. Our earned money is only from subscriptions without tax. Tax is going to government.

The same way this earned amount should be afterwards processes as credit. It should be deducted on this affiliate user's invoice, but from the amount without tax (before tax).


At least we shoud be able to choose how this earned amount is applied.


I opened feature request for this one so I hope you will vote for it.


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I have been asking Matt for this in support tickets several times. But he don't want to do it. :( We need to be able to add affiliate earnings to clients credit balance without this credit being taxed when automatically deducted on the next invoice. We are loosing money because of this.

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So you are saying that credited amount is deducted from the invoice amount without tax ? But actually I think this is fine then. When affiliate earns amount , it seems it is based on how you set recurring amount for the service. If you set this to be displayed without tax, then earned commision is from amount wothout tax.


And when this amount is credited to the affiliate user invoice, it should be again deducted from the amount without tax, right ?


Because if it is deducted from the final amount with tax, then we woun't be able to have clear display of final payment amount details. It is confusing to describe this . Maybe example would be good.



If on invoice we have displayed :

subtotal : 100

tax (25%) : 25

credit : 25

total : 100


This is confusing because credit is deducted from 125, and this way we don't have precise details on final total amount for paying which in my country is a must.


But when this would be this way:


subtotal : 100

credit : 25

subtotal after credit: 75

tax (25%) : 25

total : 93.75


This is better in my case as it is all clear to understand.

But I don't know which was is the way WHMCS is working.

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I received answer from whmcs support guys that credit is deducted after tax , so it is dedicted from total amount (subtotal+tax). So if I am correct, it is not taxed.


But this is creating problem for me as I need clear details for total payment amount , it must be clear after credit is deducted, what is now subtotal and what is tax from this amount after credit is deducted.

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