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Long Security Question and "Comparison" template bug

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A bug causes:

"notes / additional information" and its related text box to overlap "Name Last", "Company Name" and "Email Address" fields in the shopping cart;


when these conditions are met:

-A Security Question exists longer than approximately 35 characters (regardless of user selection).

-The browsing user is not logged in (a logged in user tends to mitigate the effect).

-The default Order Form Template is set to: "Comparison"


The result would likely scare off shoppers as it looks unprofessional, causes confusion, and provides an unusually small area to type notes. Additionally, better security questions (harder to crack via social engineering/harvesting) tend to be longer.


As all of our product descriptions were designed to optimally display best with the "Comparison" template this is not ideal. We have of course worked around the issue by making our Security Questions short and unfortunately somewhat cryptic.


Environmental and additional info:

-This has existed for all of the last 3 minor versions (and since we initially installed WHMCS).

-We have "attacments", crons", "downloads" and "templates_c" located in a non-standard location.

-We have the "admin" directory renamed.

-We have the following addon active (though disabling seems to have no effect): PayPal Addon, WHMCS Backup addon, WHMCS Pages, and WHMCS Subscriptions

-WHMCS Version: 5.2.5

-No customizations exist to code or templates (beyond the creation of a yet unmodified template, which is not selected)

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This looks like a css issue, Maybe a class is missing from the fields when a user is not logged in which would ordinarily size the fields accordingly.


If you provide exact steps to product i will happily take a look in the comparison template and see if i can find the cause. I will post it back here if i can.



EDIT:: I have looked in my comparison pages, i found it on the view cart pages but it does not break in my case, are you sure you have not done any customisation of your comparison template?

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Thanks CDJ Hosting. I'm sure the template hasn't been touched as I haven't even gotten that far. I never gave ftp info to our designer yet. We are busy working on products and server side integration. But we are getting close and I hope you might help figure this one out. :)


Here is out cart:



add any product and proceed to checkout. I've added back a kinda long security question so you can see what happens.


Thanks for your time!

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