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Mail / Mail Mail / Preview Bug

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I believe this is a bug as I'm sure it shouldn't be happening and Carl did confirm my previous report in #232557 (17/10/2012 03:09) however it was kind-of fixed, but found another bug.


If you preview the email message it does a weird blue link (hyperlink) problem like there is a missing closing tag on the preview function or some kind.


Screenshot can be found here: /http://s13.postimg.org/qa852m7s7/whmcsf27.jpg for your review.


System Information

Version 5.2.4 - latest, stable


I did search the forums to see if it was already posted but no luck finding so guessing it wasn't sorry if it is!



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I cant tell from that image what i am looking at, i know its part of the email system (templates or mail write) but outside of that i cant see a problem with it?




I have just tested my preview message from a client hosting service, the preview works fine, and on closing there is nothing so far as i can tell that gets broken.


Are you placing any html tags in the message? could this be your problem?

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It only happens now and again normally on long messages - it also doesn't show the full email when previewing the message it shows about 10 lines then stops.


There isn't any HTML or anything used, expect basic text in the editor.


Them links aren't usually blue normally black.


here is the steps I've done


- WHMCS Admin

> Clients

> Mass Mail Tool

> General (Message type)


Subject: Test

Message Body: Leave this empty nothing in the body (HTML editor is blank confirming body is empty)


Then "Message Preview" and the links change to blue (screenshot above) which tell me in the preview function a closing tag is missing in the modal or some kind, the only other thing i can think of is the CSS for the modal is overwriting the CSS for the links colour? Nothing is custom it's all fresh install WHMCS latest.


Here is what I mean by it doesn't show all of the preview: /http://s9.postimg.org/ntt0357of/fvjkdfdl.jpg - It's only showing the "Hi" no client name or the "Test" lines, this was fine until version v5.x started never happened in v4.x


Email HTML Code (not by me the editor):

Hi {$client_name},<br /><br /><br />Test<br /><br /><br />Test<br /><br /><br />Test<br /><br /><br />Test<br /><br /><br />Test<br /><br /><br />Test
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