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Can someone explain how client is supposed to manage DNS for domain-only purchase


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I have looked this up in the docs and the forums and can't find it. if I've missed it please post a link . . .


I use eNom for my domain registrar, and I use an eNom reseller sub-account, i.e. I do not have a top level account.


By default, my upstream reseller is offering "DNS Hosting" but it costs $4.00/year (my cost). It seems to be a separate "product" for sale. And of course it shows up in WHMCS as an optional domain addon during the domain registration process.


But when I order directly inside my account at eNom, I don't have to buy DNS hosting, I just register the DNS, and then I have access to the DNS controls inside my eNom account - no extra charge. It shows up under "Host Records" in the Domain Control Panel in my eNom account.


Further, eNom's own description of the "DNS Hosting" product is that it's something they sell for people who have registered their domain elsewhere, i.e. it's a DNS service they're selling but you don't have to have it if your domain is registered with them.


My clients are shocked by the idea that they might have to pay for the domain and then ALSO pay for DNS, and frankly, I'm perplexed as well. I can't think of any big-name registrars that don't offer at least basic DNS records for free when you register a domain with them. I don't believe I can justify charging my clients extra for this.


However, as it stands, when the client buys a domain and does not use the DNS Hosting option, they are able to log in to their WHMCS account and set the name server only - no way to set actual DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, etc). If they had a web account this would be no issue, but some of them want email MX records, or a redirect, or a CNAME, etc.


I would expect that when WHMCS registers a name at eNom, there would also be a way for it to set the DNS settings at eNom. Do I have to buy an extra module for this or something?


I have a feeling I'm missing something fundamental, but I've looked all through the docs, forums and admin interface and can't find anything that discusses this topic, except a few forum threads that talked about some folks who wanted to write a custom module to use DNS-only "hosting" in CPanel. I could do that if I had to, but it seems like WHMCS should simply transmit DNS records to eNom . . . can someone explain please?



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A little additional detail:


If I log in to the admin, go the the client's domain "Order" and check this same checkbox "Manage DNS", then in the client's account, I can see exactly what I'm looking for, under the domain > Management Actions > Manage DNS.


But surely there must be some way to do this that uses eNom's free DNS settings without paying an additional $4 per domain!?


If I just add this feature in the admin, WHMCS tells me that it's recalculating the recurring price that the customer will pay and sure enough, it goes up by $4. No good. Need to be able to do this for free.


I'm starting to wonder, does eNom normally offer this "addon" for free, and my upstream reseller is just messing with me? I'm inclined to say "no" because on eNom's own site, it's obvious that you do have to pay for DNS hosting if it's being used as a standalone products for a domain that's registered with another registrar.

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