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Issue with IDN name not actually being registered at eNom


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Note: I use eNom for domain registries


I had a customer register 2 domains, one had the greek PI character in it: π


I do have "Allow IDN Domains" enabled in the settings. There was no issue with searching for the IDN domain, adding it to cart and checking out - all good there.


WHMCS processed his payment and sent the confirmation email (showing both domains).


Then it sent another email to me (admin email):


WHMCS Automatic Setup Failed

An order has received its first payment but the automatic provisioning has failed and requires you to manually check & resolve.


Client ID: ****

Domain ID: ****

Registration Type: Register

Domain: domainthatsbeingpurchasedπ.com

Error: Domain name not available


Then the customer and I got the "WHMCS Automatic Setup Successful" and "Domain Registration Confirmation" emails for the ASCII domain but not the IDN one.


Perplexed, I checked in my eNom account and sure enough the newly registered all-ASCII domain was there but not the one with the IDN domain.


In the WHMCS admin logs it says:


Domain Registration Failed - Domain ID: **** - Domain: domainthatsbeingpurchasedπ.com - Error: Domain name not available



Now just to be clear, that domain IS available, I have manually checked it in eNom, and no one else has registered it yet.


I looked under the client's account in the WHMCS admin and noticed under the order ID that the IDN domain was set to

status: "Pending" (or maybe it was Inactive, but I thought it was Pending) and the Registrar was set to "None", so I switched it back to eNom and clicked the "Register" button.


At that point it seemed to go through and the customer got the "Domain Registration Confirmation" message.


However, it still did not show up in my account at eNom, and even though the WHMCS admin says Order Status: Complete the domain status is pending.


I tried rerunning the domain sync cron script again as well and the report (output) doesn't say anything about the IDN domain either way.


What is the proper way to resolve this?


Should I "force" WHMCS to register the domain, and if so how do I do that? Or should I just go to eNom and register it manually? If I register it manually, how do I make sure it gets into the client's account in WHMCS so that he can "own" and manage it under his own account?



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