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Down for Maintenance (Err 2) An upgrade is currently in progress... Please come back


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I recently upgraded my whmcs version from 5.0.3 to 5.2.3.

I'm having a problem with "dbconnect.php" to execute a sql statement.

Following is the code in my Sample.php file located at whmcs_dir/Service directory.

This file was used to call whmcs APIs from my site via HttpWebRequest.


if( isset($_POST) )


if( $_POST["action"] == "addorder")


// codes to call whmcs addorder api goes here and order was successfully saved into whmcs database.

// after saving order, i need to execute one sql statement to meet with my project needs.


$SQL = "UPDATE tblhosting SET username='xxx', domain='xxx' WHERE orderid=123";





function ExecuteQuery($SQL)


define("CLIENTAREA", true);





$result = mysql_query( $SQL ) or die (mysql_error());



In ExecuteQuery(...) function, after line 2 - require("../dbconnect.php"); ,

I got the error "Down for Maintenance (Err 2) An upgrade is currently in progress... Please come back soon ... ".


Complete html codes returned to my HttpWebRequest is:


<div style="border: 1px dashed #cc0000;font-family:Tahoma;background-color:#FBEEEB;width:100%;padding:10px;color:#cc0000;"><strong>Down for Maintenance (Err 2)</strong><br>An upgrade is currently in progress... Please come back soon...</div>


I also tried with whmcs SQL helper function as follow but got the same result.


$table = "tblhosting";

$update = array("username"=>"xxx","domain"=>"xxx");

$where = array("orderid"=>"123");




In WHMCS faq, this error occurs because of version mismatch between server files and database.

But strange thing is that if I take out the line - require("../dbconnect.php"); from function "ExecuteQuery(...)"

and put before calling that function, it works fine. So, I don't think this is because of version.


$SQL = "UPDATE tblhosting SET username='xxx', domain='xxx' WHERE orderid=123";




Any idea?

functions.php and clientareafunctions.php have no problem.

Is there anything that I need to configure to make this work?


Thanks in advance!

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